May 17, 2023

One Day Guide to Salcedo Saturday Market

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  • As the popular proverb goes, the early bird gets the worm and indeed you will when you go to the Salcedo Market early every Saturday. They open at 7:00 am and end at 2:00 pm, but it’s always best to go early to get the freshest and steaming hot dishes that are offered there. Wander around alone or with a companion and find interesting things along the way. Every time you go shopping and eating, you’ll  discover unexpected bargains.

    The Salcedo Market is a place to go to every Saturday, not only for shopping but also as a way to communicate to the different communities and people of Makati. Let Philippine Primer tour you around for one day and explore different places!

    7:00 – 8:00 am Start your day with Forest Berries and Bersi’s Gyros

    Try their best seller, Guyabano Nectar (Php 150) 

    Need some powering up? Waking up early isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. If you want something to get your powered up, check out what this stall offers. It is said that fruits are best eaten during the morning as the first meal of the day. First stop is at Forrest Berries, with products that are all-natural and made with real fruits.

    You can choose from different flavors such as Guyabano Nectar, Avocado Shake, Ginger with Passion Fruit, 5 Berries, Passion Fruit with Bignay, Aloe Vera, and Guava. All flavors are at Php 150 except for Aloe Vera which is at Php 250. Buy 6 of any flavor and get 1 bottle free. (Aloe Vera not included, though.)

    Berci’ Gyro serves authentic gyros and falafel dishes

    Berci’s Gyros is good for a light yet hearty meal. You can order Gyros (Php 110) and Falafel (dishes fried in a dumpling shape with chickpeas ground), if you’re a vegan.

    8:00 – 9:00 am Time to explore the market

    Push carts are free, just give proper care to them

    When you’re done eating your breakfast, or perhaps ordering more food, you can now wander around and explore the market. There are a lot of interesting finds such as local products waiting to be discovered. You can get some of the freshest fruits and vegetables here so prepare your tote bags and shop until your heart’s desire.

    This offer is such a steal!

    If you don’t have any tote bags with you, they have shopping carts that anyone can use. Just a quick reminder that pets are not allowed inside the market so it’s best to leave them at home. For organic vegetables, visit the Down to Earth stall and other booths that serves fresh harvests.

    9:00 am to 12:00 nn: Eat more, shop more!

    The Breadery, purchase from fresh baked good to your liking

    Make the most of your time and tour around Salcedo Market. There are many food and unique local products to choose from. Don’t forget to take some breaks and dehydrate with some water or refreshments. Here are some booths to check out!

    Milea Orchard and Bee Farm, natural and organic honey products

    Special Bottle Food by Premium Local, No preservatives and healthier

    For cheese and milk goodness brought to you by Rizal Dairy Farm

    12:00 – 1:00 pm: Have a sumptuous lunch.

    Ikomai and Tochi is also part of the Salcedo Market

    After hours of walking, you deserve a treat and here you can find the best and affordable bowls with Ikomai and Tochi. Try their Kushikatsu or Japanese deep fried skewers. Prices are as follows for Pork and Chicken (Php 80), Shrimp (Php 100), Assorted (Php 325). They also serve their famous Donburi Rice bowls, their Katsudon is Php 200.

    Also read: Ikomai in Salcedo, Makati: Home to Japanese street and comfort food

    Azuthai specializes in Thai cuisines

    For the best Thai dishes, Azuthai is the perfect Thai experience for you. With Thai Cuisine, each flavor is bold as they’ve completed each taste, such as sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. Don’t miss out on their Pad thai (Php 245) and their Pomelo Salad (Php 195). You can visit their branch in Makati as well, only a few steps away.

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    If you’re still hungry, try out Rafik’s Shawarma, best for their Shawarma Rice

    12:00 – 2:00 pm: Make the most the day and visit more stalls

    Take Root’s healthy Kale Chips, best for vegan and vegetarians

    The Salcedo Market is open until 2:00 pm, which means you should roam around to experience it to the fullest. While you’re still there hoard some snacks for later or have some dishes to go for dinner.

    Truly Homemade chip, are crispy and flavorful, you’ll get addicted

    You can also find some ingredients to use later on for your homemade recipes. Vegans and Vegetarians will absolutely love shopping here as they can find different products that will suit their lifestyle and diet.

    There are different snacks such as chips to choose from some are Take Root, Vegetari, and Truly Homemade chips.

    What are you waiting for? Drop by this Saturday and enjoy the Salcedo Saturday Market experience in Makati!

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