September 2017


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  • Antipolo City is known as the pilgrimage capital of the Philippines thanks to its history as a Christian mission town. It has kept that title intact owing in large part to the iconic Antipolo Cathedral, which continues to bring in pilgrims from far and wide.


    Antipolo is also home to two spots that have endeared the city and the province to its visitors: the once-majestic Hinulugang Taktak, arguably the closest waterfall from anywhere in Metro Manila, and Mystical Cave, said to contain “healing water” because of its ties to local Christian beliefs. These two may be the crown jewels of Antipolo, but the city has a lot more to offer, especially if you are willing to venture outside the city limits and explore its neighboring towns within the province of Rizal.


    Antipolo, however, is home to more than just these three tourist destinations. It has restaurants to satisfy almost every palate, resorts that cater to weary travelers and weekend warriors, and access to some of Rizal’s best tourist destinations. Join Philippine Primer as we once more unravel the sights and sounds of Antipolo City!

    Where to Go in Antipolo City

    Where to Eat in Antipolo City

    Where to Stay in Where to Stay in Antipolo City

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