August 28, 2016

Luljetta’s Place Bed and Breakfast in Antipolo: Staycation with a View

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  • Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa is a popular place to unwind due to its proximity to Metro Manila but the fun was usually cut short because the spa lacked facilities for overnight accommodations. That, however, is a thing of the past because the folks behind the spa also opened Luljetta’s Place Bed and Breakfast!

    For those who want to visit Luljetta’s Hanging Garden’s Spa but don’t want to spend the night sitting in traffic on their way back to the Metro, they’ll be pleased to know that the famous spa now offers lodgings. Located just a few walks away from the spa, Luljetta’s offers more private accommodations you will enjoy. All their rooms are well-equipped, provided with coffee amenities, hot and cold showers, and cable TV. They’ve also got spectacular views!



    COMFORTABLE ACCOMMODATION. Relax in these comfy beds after a soothing massage at the Hanging Gardens and Spa

    They’ve got 6 types of accommodations to choose from: Councilor’s Studio (Php 4,000), Mayor’s Suite (Php 7,000), Governor’s Suite (Php 10,000), Senator’s Suite (Php 11,000), Mykonos Suite (Php 12,000), and Santorini Suite (Php 14,000). All accommodations are inclusive of a welcome snack and breakfast at Luljeatta’s Cafe. All accommodations also grant access to the following amenities: Lap pool, Doctor Fish, Gardens & Lounges, Loreland Farm Resort. It’s important to note that access to Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa is not included and one must pay a separate fee if they want to avail of spa services.

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    BATH TIME. A nice view of the pool when you go outside

    What makes Luljetta’s Place Bed and Breakfast a great choice is that its homey and relaxing vibe will make you feel like you’re in a sanctuary. It’s peaceful and quiet, just like how you imagine your spa trip to be. Visit the place now and book your accommodations to enjoy a well-spent relaxing weekend that you surely deserve!

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