June 21, 2019

LIST: Where to Stay in Bohol This 2019

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  • Exploring Bohol isn’t just limited to going on tours to see the sights. Sometimes, the hotels and resorts where we stay in also make an impact on how our experience on the island plays out. These hotels and resorts not only provide us with the ideal place to relax in after a long day of touring, but they also provide world-class services and facilities to ensure that your stay on the island will not only be comfortable but also superb.

    Here’s a rundown of hotels and resorts that will make your Bohol experience more enjoyable!

    Bohol Beach Club

    Bohol Beach Club (BBC) in Panglao is Bohol’s first luxury resort that was established in 1984. BBC is one of Bohol’s most known and well-loved resorts that offers unprecedented world-class service and facilities. The resort currently has 88 rooms with 80 Deluxe Rooms and 8 Beachview Suites. The Deluxe Rooms make up most of the available accommodation at the hotel. They also launched their Deluxe Green Rooms in January 2019 which is equipped with reusable amenities that makes the room more environment-friendly.

    The Beachview Suites is a popular choice among their guests as it boasts an amazing view of the ocean that you would love to wake up to in the morning.

    BBC’s Deluxe Room

    The resort has three restaurants. First is Agotata, their main restaurant that serves local and international flavors. Budyong is their Italian restaurant that also serves drinks and desserts. Lastly, they have Taclobo which is a private function room which also serves as their game room.

    BBC also offers aqua sports activities such as snorkeling and diving. They also offer organized island hopping and countryside tours.

    Address: Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 3 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: boholbeachclub.com.ph

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    BE Grand Resort

    Panglao’s BE Grand Resort is the epitome of modern resort design and is one of the best resorts on the island that goes beyond expectations. They have 189 rooms and 19 suites, half of them featuring a view of the ocean and the resort’s free-form pool.

    Their room types include the Deluxe with a grand forest view and the Deluxe Aqua with a pool view, the Deluxe Oceana and the Oceana Suite. Their villas, however, is what you should go for at BE Grand as they not only have access to a moat pool but also to The Boathouse, BE Grand’s fine-dining restaurant. They have the Dream Villas that’s perfect for couples and the Grand Villas that are perfect for families.

    The resort also boasts a number of restaurants including The Boathouse, Bridge, the Monkey Bar, Lune, and The Food Hall. Don’t forget to view the sunset from Lune, the resort’s rooftop bar as it’s one of the best places to get a view of the beautiful sunset.

    BE Grand is the ideal place for a vacation in Panglao, especially for families!

    Address: BE Grand Drive, Brgy. Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 3 p.m.
    Check out: 12 p.m.
    Website: begrandresort-bohol.com

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    The Peacock Garden

    The Peacock Garden in Baclayon, Bohol showcases European and Old World themes and provides their guests with one of the best views on the island. They combine their ambiance with exemplary Filipino hospitality to make for an ideal getaway experience.

    They have three room types and each of them come with breathtaking views of the sea, their romantic infinity pool, and the garden. They have the Deluxe Sea View, The Premier Infinity Sea View, and The Peacock Suite.

    The Peacock Suite

    Their Laya Restaurant is also a must-try as they not only offer succulent and mouthwatering eats but also a slice of history. Indulge in their Conde Nast approved Fontana Aurelia Spa where they offer natural spa treatments.

    Couple Spa room at the Fontana Aurelia Spa

    The hotel has touches of elegance and provides an amazing backdrop for a vacation–whether you’re traveling with your family or your significant other, The Peacock Garden is surely a little piece of paradise.

    Address: Upper Laya, Baclayon, Bohol
    Check-in: 2 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: thepeacockgarden.com

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    North Zen Villas

    North Zen Villas in Panglao is a paradise that embodies the true identity of Bohol. It’s a soulful getaway that incorporates themes from Bohol and artistry in their villas by using materials such as woven bamboo or Amakan in their walls. The Philippines’ Hispanic heritage is also showcased in the villas.

    The Zen Deluxe

    North Zen Villas pays homage to the heritage of Bohol and is the island’s own pride and joy. They have three room types including the Zen Deluxe, the Zen Suite that’s ideal for couples and the Zen Villas that features a whole new offering with a dining room.

    Zen Villas

    You’ll love to dine at SEADS, North Zen’s in-house restaurant that serves healthy alternatives with their seafood dishes and farm-to-table ingredients. The restaurant offers inventive twists to dishes that will surely make your mouth water with excitement.

    North Zen Villas is truly the place to revive and replenish the soul. The resort is perfect for those who really want a retreat from the busy city.

    Address: Barangay Doljo, Panglao, Bohol
    Check-in: 3 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: northzenvillas.com

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    Henann Resort Alona Beach
    IMAGE Henann Resort Alona Beach
    Henann Resort Alona Beach enables its guests to experience the best that Bohol has to offer. Their world-class service ensures that their guests, may it be for work or play, experience only the best. The resort offers a relaxing vibe that ultimately adds to the tranquility of the resort.

    The hotel offers seven room types including the Pool Villas that’s perfect for those who want a bit of exclusivity, the Deluxe Room, the Premier Room, the Premier Rooms with Direct Pool Access, the Family Rooms which are the biggest guest rooms on the resort, the Junior Suites and lastly, Henann’s paragon of luxury, their Presidential Suite. Guests can choose to have their meals in-room and for those staying at the pool villas, suites, and the presidential suites – the Henann Lounge is available for you to unwind. 

     The Pool Villa / IMAGE Henann Resort Alona Beach
    They also feature a couple of food outlets namely the Sea Breeze Cafe, the Sea Breeze Pool Bar, Christina’s and the Coral Cafe. They also have three pool bars that are strategically placed in areas so that guests can have space to have drinks at any time of the day.
    Their Kai Spa offers signature massages, wraps, and scrubs. They also have the largest convention center in Bohol that can accommodate over 1,000 guests.
    The Kai Spa / IMAGE Henann Resort Alona Beach
    A stay at Henann Resort Alona Beach is surely one of the best experiences that you’ll have on the island!
    Address: Alona Beach, Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 3 pm
    Check-out: 11 am
    Website: henann.com/bohol/henannalonabeach

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    South Palms Resort

    Panglao’s South Palms Resort has a rejuvenating power that mirrors its own ascension from the disasters that it had experienced. At present, the resort is one of the island’s most favorite because of its calming breeze and the gentle dance of the palms trees that are littered in the resort. The resort also has the longest beach in Panglao which allows guests to experience unobstructed water activities.

    South Palms prides themselves in their LUKAY mission. Lukay which translates to palm leaf stands for Lipay (happiness), Uno (teamwork), Kugi (hard work and perseverance), Amuma (to nourish), and Yayong (another form of teamwork or fellowship).

    The resort has 90 rooms that include the Deluxe Garden View, Deluxe Pool View, and Deluxe Beachfront. South Palms also offers suites and villas namely the Premium Beachfront and the Beach Villa. They also have family-friendly villas such as the South Palms Villa and the Panglao Villas.

    The Premium Beachfront and Beach Villa

    The resort also exerts immense effort to make sure that they are one with the environment. As such, they utilize Bambikes and use farm-to-table ingredients at their restaurant, Oceanica.


    A stay at South Palms Resort will surely restore and rejuvenate your senses.

    Address: Brgy. Bolod, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 3 p.m.
    Check out: 12 p.m.
    Website: southpalmsresort.com

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    Amorita Resort

    Panglao’s Amorita Resort is the ideal seaside retreat for those of you who want to experience the best with a bit of exclusivity. Staying at Amorita will give you a scenic view of the sea and the landscape of Alona Beach as the resort is situated atop a cliff.

    IMAGE Amorita Resort

    They offer a variety of accommodations that range from their Deluxe Room to their Suites and Pool Villas. Their Pool Villas, in particular, is a treat as they not only have their own patio but also their own plunge pool.

    IMAGE Amorita Resort

    They pride themselves in their facilities which include their in-house dive center, water activities, and two infinity pools. You would want to try out their spa services at the Sea Tree Spa which is a guaranteed treat as they not only offer massages but body scrubs and wrap treatments as well. Amorita also offers yoga lessons and wellness retreats.

    IMAGE Amorita Resort

    Amorita Resort is also a popular choice for destination weddings as well as corporate functions. They are equipped with three function rooms that can seat 120 up to 200 persons depending on the setup.

    Address: #1 Ester A. Lim Drive, Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 2 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: amoritaresort.com

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    Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

    The Balai Datu Presidential Villa

    Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa in Panglao offers the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway along one of the island’s shorelines. It showcases Filipino architecture, heritage, and culture that doesn’t compromise anything – even the tiniest detail. Eskaya boasts some of the best views on the island that even a single step from your villa offers a stunning view of the sea or the gardens.

    Deluxe Villa with private pool

    Eskaya offers six room types that include the Deluxe Villa with private pool, the Infinity Villa, the Grand Villa, the Balai Banai that can accommodate up to 8 guests and the Balai Banai 2 Family Villa that can accommodate up to 15 guests.

    The Lantawan Restaurant

    For a luxurious stay, the Balai Datu Presidential Villa is the one for you. Staying at the villa includes daily cocktails from their Lantawan Restaurant, a Countryside tour, and exclusive butler service.

    Address: Brgy. Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 2 pm
    Check out: 12 pm
    Website: eskayaresort.com

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    The Bellevue Resort

    IMAGE The Bellevue Resort

    The Bellevue Resort in Panglao is your very own private sanctuary that puts emphasis on the comfort and the privacy of their guests. It’s the ideal place for those who are not only looking for an island getaway but also for those who want to experience the beauty of Bohol.

    The resort has five room types including the Superior Twin Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe Ocean View Rooms, Junior Suite and their pièce de résistance, The Bellevue Suite.

    Amenities at The Bellevue Suite / IMAGE The Bellevue Resort

    The Bellevue’s Lamian World Cuisine offers international and local flavors, while the Marea Al Fresco Dining serves fresh seafood as well as wines and cocktails.

    Lamian World Cuisine / IMAGE The Bellevue Resort

    The resort also has a kid’s play area and a small shop where you can get souvenirs. They also have the Azurea Spa where you can stop by and treat yourself to one of their massage treatments. They also have a variety of daily activities and watersport activities. They also offer assistance for the guests who want to do countryside and island hopping tours.

    Address: Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 3 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: thebellevuebohol.com

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    Donatela Hotel

    IMAGE Donatela Hotel

    Previously known as Tarsier Botanika, Donatela Hotel in Panglao pulls guests in with their vibrant gardens that give their guests a sense of calmness and privacy. The hotel is a lush garden paradise that has touches of Balinese sculptures – it’s the ideal backdrop for those who want to stay away from the crowd. This luxurious hideout has only 12 villas that don’t force itself upon nature but instead, adjusts their villas to fit the flora.

    All their villas honor Filipino heritage by incorporating Filipino design into the villa’s architecture and design. They offer the Garden Villa, the Family Villa, the Honeymoon Villa that’s ideal of couples and the Pool Villa that has a luxurious safari feel.

    IMAGE Donatela Hotel

    Donatela Hotel is also a garden paradise and is also a popular backdrop for destination weddings. Their facilities and accommodations are all complemented by Tarsier Paprika, their fine-dining restaurant where you’ll find the freshest seafood on the island.

    IMAGE Donatela Hotel

    Donatela Hotel is truly the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway.

    Address: KM 16, Hoyohoy, Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol
    Check-in: 2 pm
    Check out: 12 pm
    Website: donatelahotel.com

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    Casa Amihan

    IMAGE Casa Amihan

    Located in Anda, Bohol, Casa Amihan offers the best place to relax and admire the beauty of Bohol. The resort is the perfect place to unwind and be away from the crowds. The resort overlooks the sea and Bohol’s rock formations which makes for an amazing sight to see. Their restaurant is also a must-try that offers Seafood meals and a selection of International and Filipino favorites.

    Deluxe Room Veranda / IMAGE Casa Amihan

    All their room offerings have private verandas with a view of the sea, pool or their verdant gardens. They have the Deluxe Sea View, The Suite Sea View, and the Suites and Family Rooms. The Deluxe Sea View and The Suite Sea View is perfect for small families groups. The Suites and Family Rooms fit bigger groups. You can also opt to rent out the entire resort if you’re going on a vacation with your entire family or if you have a company outing, this way, you can have more exclusivity.

    IMAGE Casa Amihan

    Casa Amihan offers day tours, massages as well as snorkeling and diving tours. They can also arrange island tours and countryside tours.

    Address: Barangay Virgen, Sitio Lourdes, Anda, Bohol
    Check-in: 2 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: amihanresortanda.com

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    Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa

    IMAGE Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa

    Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa in Anda, Bohol is a diver’s paradise. They are an eco-friendly resort with scenic natural attractions and boasts 300-meter wide beach that is their own private cove. The resort takes its name from the Ilonggo term, “Amun Ini” which translates to “this is ours.” The resort only has two room types, the Deluxe Twin Room that is fitted with two bed and the Deluxe King Room that are fitted with one bed. All of the rooms in the resort feature a picturesque ocean view.

    Deluxe King Room / IMAGE Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa

    Their restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that narrates the owner’s personal heritage and culinary experience. They have a vast wine collection that is selected to accompany their carefully curated menu. They also offer drinks at their bar that you can enjoy at their pool-side lounge area.

    Their Hilotarium Spa promotes natural healing with their spa therapy that combines aromatherapy and a soothing massage. The resort also arranges tours around Bohol. The resort also takes pride in their diving facilities with their complete briefing and equipment facilities and their 33 dive sites.

    Address: Sitio Bas Dako, Barangay Candabong, Anda, Bohol
    Check-in: 2 p.m.
    Check-out: 12 p.m.
    Website: amunini.com

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    Planning a trip to Bohol? Consider staying in these hotels and resorts to up your experience on the island!

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