September 28, 2017

Bag of Beans Athena in Tagaytay

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  • Bag of Beans is a name that is synonymous with Tagaytay. It’s a successful line of restaurants that started off with the Instagram-worthy main branch located a few minutes west of where Sky Ranch starts today.

    Building on the success of their main restaurant, Bag of Beans decided to open up a new place in 2015 which they called Athena. The food here is as stunning as it is in their main branch, and is more suited for couples. However, you would be sadly mistaken if you thought Bag of Beans Athena is just another couple-themed restaurant.

    Athena is the bed-and-breakfast offering of Bag of Beans. The area is big enough to accommodate about 250 guests in one sitting and is a spacious destination for you to wind down after a long day of traveling in and around Tagaytay.

    The views you’ll get from either their Lake View or Garden View rooms are enough to put you in a relaxed state.

    Their Garden View rooms are perfect for couples who are looking for an elegant room to themselves. It’s furnished with elegant furniture that will make you feel you’re in a quaint European hotel without actually being in Europe.

    We, however, would recommend staying in one of their Lake View rooms. It has furnishings similar to their Garden View rooms but has a bit more space and good views of Taal Lake. All of their rooms come complete with breakfast.

    Looking for a place to do your prenuptial photo shoot? Why not hold it at Bag of Beans Athena? Be sure to ask them for their prenup photoshoot rates!


    Address: 1215 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction, Tagaytay City
    Check-in: 3 pm, Check-out: 12 noon
    Contact number: 046-413-4522
    Facebook: Bag of Beans Tagaytay

    Google Map:
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