March 08, 2021

Palacio de Memoria: A Bearer of Centuries-Worth of History in Parañaque City

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  • *Updated as of March 8, 2021

    In the middle of the bustling city of Parañaque City stands the seven-story white walls of Palacio de Memoria, a mansion that truly withstood the test of time.

    IMAGE Palacio de Memoria

    The mansion has always piqued the curiosity of those frequenting the area, but it has recently been the talk of the town when it officially opened its door in March of this year after the renovation spearheaded by sisters Camille Lhuillier and Angelique Lhuillier.

    Camille Lhuillier, Marketing Manager of Palacio de Memoria 

    The restored pre-war house has two entrance gates, one of which is along Roxas Boulevard. The side also happens to be the spot to catch the greatest view of the sunset in the area.

    An expanse of lush green and planes parked will instantly meet the guests. The planes are actually owned by Camille and Angelique’s father Philippe Jones Lhuillier. Camille even mentioned that one of the planes was used by the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley to tour Asia before.

    Inside is as grandiose as the outside. Through its glass double doors is the lobby adorned by a floor that captures a truly native scene–people dancing tinikling and nipa huts.

    The first floor also houses several of the mansion’s main rooms: the Grey Room, the Red Room, and the Dining Room. All the rooms of the house are designed and curated by Palacio’s Art Director Miguel Rosales.

    The Grey Room on the first floor takes on a Parisian-inspired interior

    The pieces are semi-permanent, meaning that if an item holds the interest of a visitor and wants to take it home with them, it can be discussed and negotiated.

    The Red Room, on the other hand, is more Venetian-inspired

    Palacio de Memoria also serves as home to the auction house Casa de Memoria. The auction house usually features consigned European antiquities and heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

    On the second floor is a function room where Casa holds their auction preview, which happens every two months. Each auction features a unique theme.

    The room is set up with chairs during auction previews and lots are flashed on the screen

    The whole third floor is dedicated to the auction lots curated by Miguel Rosales. The auctioned items can go anywhere from antique furniture pieces to marvelous art pieces.

    But more than the aesthetic and artistic value is the story each piece holds. Every single auctioned item has a story to tell, a piece of history materialized.

    Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Bronze Horses with Semi-Precious Stones

    Despite focusing on acquiring European pieces, Casa de Memoria’s May 2019 auction focuses on the union of the East and West, aptly titled the Age of Exploration.

    Gold and Polychrome Embroidered Kimono

    Painting of Old Manila on Mother-of-Pearl

    When asked what sets Palacio de Memoria apart, Camille pointed out its uniqueness.

    “I think if you speak heritage home in the Philippines, this is the only one you’ll find that looks like this. It’s more Spanish revival and it’s very different and it probably looks like what the homes used to look like before the war,” she said in an interview with Philippine Primer.

    The mansion was acquired by the Lhuillier family 15 years ago from the Villaroman family, but the original owner and builder of the house cannot be traced back anymore.

    The renovation and restoration of the mansion, however, began three years ago only. Getting inspiration from the original Spanish revival house design of the mansion and bits and pieces of the art deco home it was also once transformed into, the current Palacio de Memoria is born.

    Aside from holding auctions, Palacio de Memoria can also be a space for holding private events and functions. All rooms and spaces from the first floor up to the fourth floor can be rented out. Tours of the place are also accepted, but it’s best to call and set-up an appointment with Palacio beforehand.  

    More than its grand exterior and its even grander interior, Palacio de Memoria is a place that holds centuries worth of history. Every single piece and detail of the mansion has a story to tell that only awaits its listeners. 


    Address: 95 Bayview Drive, Los Tamaraos Village, Brgy. Tambo, Parañaque City
    Contact Nos.: 02-8253-3994 / (+63) 9977998187
    Operating Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)
    Facebook: thecasadememoria
    Instagram: casadememoria

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