April 30, 2019

Subic International Golf Club: An Eco-Friendly Golfing Destination in the Philippines

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  • Subic International Golf Club: An Eco-Friendly Golfing Destination in the Philippines
  • Subic International Golf Club is the newly-opened tourist attraction in the Subic Special Economic Zone (SBFZ), one of the Philippines’ special economic zones. The 18-hole golf- course was completed last March 22, 2019.

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    The Subic International Golf Club

    With the magnificent scenery of Subic as the backdrop, accompanied by their open air clubhouse and staff, patrons will surely have a fulfilling time as they engage in the challenging layout of the course. It’s a place where beginners and advanced golfers can both have a challenging yet enjoyable course design.

    The Subic Smart Community Corporation signed a contract with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) in 2016, and thus began the construction of the clubhouse and the remodeling of the golf course.

    In a pursuit to become the best golf course, Subic Bay International Golf Club focuses on caddie recruitment and training as it boasts an original and unique set of caddies.

    The Subic International Golf Club hopes that they come into the mind’s of people as an essential place for golf as they continue to improve the quality of their services.

    Concepts of the Subic International Golf Club

    A Picturesque Scene of Nature and a Golf Course

    The Golf Club supports the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) in protecting the resources of the Earth, hence, there are trees that are added in the area of the golf course.

    Their 18-hole course is integrated with an untouched rainforest with at least a thousand years of flora and fauna. The integration of the forest and the course makes for one of the world’s most unique golf courses.

    Golfing made more enjoyable

    The high-quality standard of the golf course is apparent not only in the view but of course, also in functionality. They originally considered constructing extra-large-sized ponds to secure a large amount of water for the turfgrass and in preparation of the dry season. It allowed them to cover the entire golf course with Seashore Paspalum which is also regarded as the “next generation golf course turf.”

    The Paspalum allows for a more eco-friendly approach that’s also finer and greener than other golf turfs. It’s also worthy to note that the use of Paspalum in the property allows their courses to be seamless and enables them to change the fairway’s width as well as the shape and size of the green upon the player’s request.

    While the majority of the greens in the country are constructed with one to three panels, the Golf Club’s large scale allows four to six panels for their greens that make for a wide range of plays from beginners to professionals.

    The Subic International Golf Club believes that the golf course should be enjoyable for all golfers from beginners to professionals, hence, their courses are versatile and challenging for players of all levels.

    Remarkable Maintenance

    In order for the course to withstand the wet season and the torrential rain, they utilize the best quality irrigation system from the United States.

    They are also able to maintain the condition of the Paspalum without rain for more than 100 days with a reservoir system that holds more than 100,000 tons of water.

    The course is inspected on a daily basis by highly-experienced staff. They ensure that the courses provide the best playing environment and the best experience for patrons.

    The Caddies

    The caddies assist the guests during their time at the golf club. They play a very essential role as they not only provide support during games but also serve as the concierge to ensure that only the best services are given.

    Assisting you in your journey are the unique caddies of the golf club. It’s a part of the golf club’s mission to support the younger generations – especially women and their role in the success of the society, hence, this group of unique caddies is formed.

    Before they make their debut, they have to go through a six-month training with basic business manners and skills, golf knowledge, field training and understanding the manners of serving and hosting guests.

    At the golf course, they have a one-is-to-one system where one guest is equal to one caddie and one private golf cart. It would be best if patrons appoint the best caddie that suits their styles.

    The caddies are also in-charge of membership sales and information, admissions and after-service. Rest assured that they are equipped to answer all your questions.

    For a one-of-a-kind golfing experience, head on to the Subic International Golf Club!

    General Information

    Address: 6900 Binictican Dr., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
    Contact Number: 047-250-3765 /0917-319-1156
    E-mail: reservation@subicgolf.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/subicgolf/
    Website:  subicgolf.com

    Information and images courtesy of Subic International Golf Club

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