February 26, 2019

JAPAN TRAVEL: Amakusa Santa Coming Hotel—A Santa-Inspired Accommodation in Kumamoto

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  • It’s Christmas anywhere you look inside Amakusa Santa Coming Hotel, a quirky lodging located 20 minutes away from Amakusa Airport. The hotel, aptly named after Santa Claus, features a Santa-inspired accommodation in Kumamoto Prefecture.

    The boutique hotel has 19 well-equipped rooms all in all, with each room offering plenty of space to move freely. Rooms are made of wooden floorings and white ceilings, having a slightly minimalist approach with its limited color palette design. Beds are nice and comfy perfect for a good night’s sleep. Naturally, Santa Claus is present inside through cute picture frames and mirror stickers that add a burst of fun in the room.

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    Amakusa Santa Coming Hotel’s Deluxe River View Twin Room

    Toiletries are available at the reception area so you can get only those that you can consume.

    Other than the hotel’s Santa theme, another thing to love about this hotel is its majestic river view room that gives a beautiful sunrise view in the morning. The best part with this hotel is that it’s tucked away from the busy city; a perfect retreat for those looking to relax and enjoy Amakusa’s serene ambiance.

    Did you know that Amakusa is recognized as the Holy Island of Santa Claus? This was because it is one of the first places which first opened up to Christianity. A Santa Congress was held here in 2015.

    The dining area of Amakusa Santa Coming also does not disappoint. Although it does not offer a grand breakfast buffet setup, you’ll be able to taste local gourmet through kaiseki every morning. If you’re not a fan of breakfast, you can opt to remove it when you book.

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    The hanging bridge elevates in the morning—so much for a superb view!

    The hotel’s common area

    Hotel facilities include a vending machine and coin laundry. There’s also a playpen for those traveling with kids. Bicycle rental is also available if you wish to roam around the scenic location. Amakusa Santa Coming Hotel is a good choice of accommodation to relax and admire Amakusa’s tranquility and natural beauty.

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    General information:
    Address: 74-3 Kamegawa, Kamebamachi, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
    Contact: +81 969-22-0100
    Check-in: 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
    Check out: 10 a.m.
    Website: http://red-happiness.com/

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer magazine Vol. 35 – February 2019 issue.

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