April 23, 2021

JAPAN TRAVEL: Marina Franping Village Amakusa – A New Style of Camping in Kumamoto

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  • JAPAN TRAVEL: Marina Franping Village Amakusa – A New Style of Camping in Kumamoto
  • One of the newest attractions in Amakusa, the Marina Franping Village takes guests to a unique experience called franping.

    Marina Franping Village in Amakusa, Kumamoto, Japan

    “Frank camping” is the idea behind Marina Franping Village, an outdoor accommodation and restaurant in Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture.

    Trailer homes are the accommodations in Marina Franping Village

    Instead of setting up a camping tent on your own, Marina Franping Village elevates the level of accommodation to well-equipped trailer homes. At present, they have about 15 accommodations all in all that provide facilities as if you’re in a hotel. They have complete room facilities from TV, to microwave ovens, and fridge, among other usual features.

    Each trailer homes have easy access to the Amakusa waters, a nearby attraction both great for sightseeing and fishing.

    Situated near the Amakusa waters, this campsite attraction offers an impressive Amakusa ocean view.

    Boats at the Marina Wharf

    “Franping,” a new style of camping, is made for guests who prefer to unwind and at the same time experience an outdoor adventure. In here, you get the best of both worlds: a comfy hotel-like accommodation and a unique recreational camping experience. Two things you probably won’t get to experience anywhere else.

    Comfy beds inside Marina Franping Village’s trailer homes

    Receiving area of the trailer home

    Kitchen area

    Tables are provided in some trailer homes

    Just like normal camping, franping is best with barbecue. What better food is eaten in Amakusa than its mouthwatering seafood? At a perfect location by the sea, you’ll have a taste of Amakusa-cultivated scallops which are best grilled. They also have a restaurant called Steakhouse By the Way that serves Japanese curry.

    Outdoor dining area

    Big and meaty Amakusa-cultivated scallops

    Grilled shrimps are best for lunch!

    Steakhouse By The Way, the restaurant in Marina Franping Village

    A generous serving of their Japanese curry

    Meats and vegetables to be grilled for camping food

    An extraordinary camping experience awaits everyone in Marina Franping Village in Amakusa! Reservations are required for the accommodations. Rates depend on the season.

    General information
    Address: 11275-19 Noboritate, Oyano-machi, Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture
    Contact: +81 964-56-1339
    Website: http://www.franping.com/
    Check-in: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
    Check out: 10 a.m.

    Weekday rate: ¥11,000 for trailer house 2 persons
    Weekend rate: ¥15,000
    Holidays ¥25,000
    (Rates depend on the season)

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer magazine’s February 2019 issue. 

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