April 07, 2021

JAPAN TRAVEL: Taste Traditional Japanese Sweets at Suehiro-an in Kikonai

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  • Aside from scenic spots, there are other attractions that are worth visiting in the town of Kikonai in Hokkaido. One of the places that you should visit in Kikonai is Suehiro-an, a popular shop that sells traditional Japanese sweets.

    Suehiro-an in Kikonai, Hokkaido

    Established in 1934, Suehiro-an is one of the oldest confectionery shops in the town. Having been in the business for more than 80 years, Suehiro-an has become a go-to shop for sweets which are not only popular with locals but even foreigners as well.

    Don’t forget to try Koukou Mochi when you visit Kikonai!

    The shop sells the all-time favorite Koukou mochi, a soy sauce and walnut-flavored rice cake snack that you must try in Kikonai.

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    Aside from Koukou mochi, they sell other delicacies which are proudly made in Japan. You may even sample some of their sweets! Their traditional sweets are best for souvenirs, so make sure to hoard these unique rice cakes you can only find in Kikonai.

    Robi Domingo drops by at Suehiro-an during a Kikonai Walking Tour

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    Suehiro-an is one of the stops you’ll make when you join the Kikonai Walking Tour. Aside from going to this shop, you’ll also be able to try the rare Japanese liquor Misogi-no-Mai and experience purification in Misogi Beach when you join the tour.

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    How to get here
    Suehiro-an is just a few minutes walk away from Kikonai’s Michi-no-eki Misogi-no-sato.

    Address: Aza Honcho 237, Kikonai-cho, Hokkaido
    Operating Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Closed every January 1st)
    Contact: 01392-2-2069
    Website: http://www.town.kikonai.hokkaido.jp/

    This first appeared on Philippine Primer magazine’s January 2019 issue. 

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