April 05, 2019

SIARGAO TRAVEL: Tayangban Cave in Pilar and the Mythical Love Story Inside Its Tunnels

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  • The Philippines has loads of interesting secret spots laden with mystical stories. One of which can be found at Siargao’s Tayangban Cave, located at the municipality of Pilar near the Siargao Circumferential Road.

    The name of the cave came from the Tagalog word tanan and Visayan word taban which both means to elope. This came from the story of a 60-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man who ran away to elope and found a hiding place inside a cave. The Tayangban Cave was also believed to have served as a hiding place for rebels once as rooms can be seen inside the cave. 

    Along Siargao Circumferential Road in Pilar, you will pass by a sign welcoming you to Tayangban Cave

    The path to reach the mouth of the cave is not easy. Aside from its narrow rocky path, the ice-cold water inside adds to the challenge of passing through one end of Tayangban to the other.

    Passing through Tayangban Cave could be challenging for most people, especially those who stand smaller than many, but the experience is definitely worth telling over and over again!

    While a local tour guide will lead you safely to reach the end where a 15 ft. cave pool is, we still have a few tips so you can pass through without a scratch!

    The cave’s 15 ft cave pool is considered the light at the end of the tunnel with its elegant turquoise color

    Tip #1: If part of a group, only let one person bring a phone camera and leave the rest of your belongings inside your mode of transportation. This is to ensure that you have both hands to hold on to ropes and rocks inside the cave for balance.

    Tip #2: Wear appropriate clothing. Depending on your height, the water inside the cave can reach up to your waist or to your chest. Therefore, wearing rashguards, shirts, shorts, aqua shoes, and slippers will make it easier to navigate your way through. 

    Tip #3: Watch your steps! Rocks of different sizes are scattered all over the cave, some are sharper and more slippery than others, so do watch your steps to avoid any injuries.

    Tip #4: While it is so much fun to go through the cave with your family and friends, please keep in mind that live rocks and mineral formations can be found inside the cave and should, therefore, be preserved. This might mean not holding or touching the stalagmites and stalactites to keep them from dying.

    Live minerals can be seen inside the cave, so keep in mind not to touch them when you pass by

    With all these tips, you are now ready to visit the Tayangban Cave with your friends and complete that Siargao Island adventure!

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese Magazine December 2018 issue.

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