January 12, 2019

SIARGAO TRAVEL: Magpupungko Rock Formation in Pilar is Siargao’s Natural Wonder

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  • Siargao Island just can’t help but treat its guests with grand rock formations not only inside the Tayangban Cave but also along a secluded beach, surrounded by natural rock pools in the municipality of Pilar in Siargao.

    This is Magpupungko.

    Up close, the giant Magpupungko Rock Formation looks like a mushroom, where people can relax and take pictures under its shade

    Magpupungko is a rock formation which came from the Visayan word pungko meaning to sit. It suits the name well as a big, circular rock sits on top of a small, flatter one like a globe on a stand.

    Before reaching this place, you and your friends will pass by a selection of food stalls and other affordable shops where you can stop over for a quick lunch or snack. And then proceed to follow the path towards the beach beyond. Just take extra caution as some rocks may be slippery. 

    Tracks going to the rock formation are mostly covered in moss, making it a bit slippery to walk over. Nevertheless, the picturesque landscape is worth the effort

    From here, you will be able to spot the glorious Magpupungko. Enjoy it further with the even more majestic, turquoise-colored natural pools of about 12 feet deep, where you can swim and take pictures with your friends.

    The army of tidal, natural pools surrounding Magpupungko is literally crystal clear, with sea urchins and brittle starfish populating the place

    In front of these great natural formations is the ocean, where big waves can be spotted. However, be careful as the shore can have a bed of sharp rocks, where brittle stars and sea urchins can be found!

    The blue horizon, as well as the wide ocean beyond, makes up the totality of the beauty of Magpupungko in Pilar, Siargao!

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    So go on, visit Mangpupungko at Pilar, Siargao and take pictures with the natural wonders the island has to offer! 

    Magpupungko Rock Pool is a part of the island hopping tour package. However, for those who wanted to visit without the package, visitors should pay Php 50 at the entrance.

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer Japanese Magazine’s December 2018 issue.

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