December 28, 2018

JAPAN TRAVEL: Saishoin Temple in Aomori, Japan Lets You See the Most Beautiful Pagoda of Tohoku Region

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  • The Saishoin Temple grounds is a tranquil and sacred pilgrimage site in Hirosaki, where tourists can learn and appreciate the sacred history of Japanese in Aomori Prefecture. It is home to the eye-catching five-storied pagoda of Hirosaki, a reflection of the city’s historic charm as it is built with a significant purpose.

    Stone rabbits guard the entrance of Saishoin Temple—a well-known site in Tohoku region.

    The Saishoin Temple of Tohoku Region in Aomori Prefecture

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    This important heritage site was constructed without using nails

    Robi Domingo in Saishoin Temple during the spring season

    Recognized as the most beautiful pagoda in the region, the five-storied pagoda was built more than 350 years ago, by the order of the Tsugaru clan leader Nobuhira in Edo Period. The pagoda was built in 1667 to commemorate the fallen soldiers who died in the battle during the reunification of the Tsugaru district.

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    This tranquil area is best for reflections, a way to better learn Hirosaki’s multilayered culture.

    The visually-striking pagoda stands 31.2m tall, made more attractive by the blooming cherry blossoms surrounding the structure every spring. Apart from the pagoda, there are other interesting stops to see within the Saishoin Temple area.

    For ¥100, you may ring the bell and make a wish

    In this site, a dragon structure emitting water from its mouth is where you shall wash your hands as a way of purification.

    The pilgrimage setting of Hirosaki’s Saishoin Temple is the perfect refuge to contemplate for a while, as its immaculate atmosphere creates an ideal destination for travelers who would like to reflect for a moment, amidst the busy peak season of spring.

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    How to go to Saishoin Temple

    Ride the 100-Yen Dotemachi Loop Bus. Get off at the Honcho bus stop. From there, it takes a 5-minute walk towards the Saishoin Temple.

    Address: 63 Doyamachi, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
    Operating Hours: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Tickets: Free admission

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer magazine’s December 2018 issue.

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