September 20, 2019

Art in Island in Quezon City: Where Paintings Come to Life

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  • A typical museum lets you appreciate art within a few meters to avoid any contact with the masterpiece. However, a trip to a one of a kind museum in Cubao, Quezon City will make your fantasies come alive. Art in Island is an interactive museum that lets you be a part of the artwork. All you need to bring is your smartphone or camera and with just a snap away, the paintings will come to life!

    One of the wall arts in Art in Island

    With over 50 trick art murals painted by a team of 18 Korean master painters, Art Island lets you experience a multidimensional adventure. More than just paintings, they give guests a certain illusion from a specific angle, making it a perfect backdrop for your photos.

    Can’t go surfing this summer? At Art in Island, you can do so!

    This 3D interactive museum has different zones, but before you could explore all, The Paintings in Motion is something you shouldn’t miss! They first launched the show to public in September 2017. It’s a five-minute interactive show that happens every two hours. The first show starts at 11 am, and the last one is at 7 pm. This is their latest addition to the entire museum. The lights in the museum are switched off during the show to fully achieve the best experience.

    Wanna get jailed– 3D version?

    The light show runs for a few minutes, where different murals come to life through lights and visuals. After this, you can continue to tour around the area. They have all sorts of paintings perfect for everyone! Tip: Make sure to wear socks as you need to remove your footwear before entering. You can also purchase a pair of socks (in case you don’t have one!) for Php 150.

    Become an art yourself as you pose like a pro!

    Spread your wings and fly (only through a painting!)

    Art in Island houses huge murals that almost look real and you can take tons of photos with each of them. Choose from different destinations, personalities, tricks, and themes. If you find yourself hungry,  Art in Island has its own restaurant and a cafe.

    Art in Island in Cubao, Quezon City

    There’s really no limit when it comes to our imagination, and at Art in Island, everything is possible through art. Come and visit now!


    Address: 15th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City (At the back of Cubao Expo)
    Contact: 02-421-1356
    Operating Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
    Facebook: Art in Island
    Instagram: @ArtinIsland
    Entrance Fee: Php 500/head walk-in, Php 400/head for students

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