April 18, 2018

Aqua Planet in Pampanga Has Over 25 Slide and Water Attractions!

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  • Aqua Planet in Pampanga Has Over 25 Slide and Water Attractions!
  • Get ready to take the slide of a lifetime as the biggest and wildest slide park is here in the Philippines! Welcome to Aqua Planet, the newest park in Clark, Pampanga with a capacity of 3,500 guests!

    The pool resort had its grand opening last February 24 and has already established itself as the go-to-resort for the adventurous individuals, families, even school or company outings. While the park is still in its infancy, all guests are accommodated on a walk-in basis while they are sorting out their online reservations. The park is open from 9 am to 5 pm. The park is still fine-tuning their operations to serve all their guests the safest facilities possible.

    Ride their Slides! Aqua Planet Attractions

    Aqua Loop is a jaw-dropping 100-meter free fall into a heart-stopping 360-degree-loop as the launch flap opens below your feet allowing you to slide down in a standing position! This is the only loop slide in the country that has two interlacing slides that can work at the same time without interfering each other.

    Spiral Slide, the slide with four spacious slides each with a different speed and course. Catch the faster one for a thrill while those who want to chill can take the slower slide.

    Super Bowl. Take a raft for four and ride the bowl for a one-of-a-kind experience. The raft starts at the top sliding down to a tunnel where riders will feel the twists and turns of the ride that ends a wonderful splash!

    Flow Rider. Longing to surf? put your skills to the test as a machine simulate a surfing experience that will add to your pogi points. Surf the wave standing up or on a lay-down board, the challenge is up to you!

    Tornado. Soar into the air as this ride will let four riders fall what it feels like to be swept by a tornado before a satisfying splash to the swimming pool.

    Octopus Racers. Slide the rainbow at Aqua Planet as it lets friends and family race to the bottom of the slide. A colorful course of loops and tunnels many would enjoy!

    Mermaid Bay is ideal for kids who are not yet ready for the thrilling attractions can swim with the mermaids! The place has a wide slide and even a short loop slide that parents can ride with their children.

    Lazy River is a gentle 375-meter pool that will let you laze around Aqua Planet on a raft. Relax as it sweeps you around the central island. Perfect for couples!

    Boogie Bay. The unique dual-wave pool has a side for a calm, relaxing wave pool that can be enjoyed by everyone. The other side is a more challenging pool for more adventurous swimmers.

    There’s even more in store, so make sure you swing by Aqua Planet!

    There is also no problem with ticketing since they are very affordable! For guests with a height of 48 inches or over, it is only Php 950 per head! Children under 48 inches are charged Php 750 per head. Lockers for rent are available inside to keep your valuables and other items. For safety, flotation devices and life jackets are provided for free eliminating the need to bring your own inflatables and life jackets!

    Just as many resorts, smoking e-cigarettes and tobacco are not allowed as well as kites, pets, and any remote-controlled flying device including drones. Outside food and beverages are not allowed except infant and medical food. There are several food outlets inside the park for guests to choose from, so don’t fret!

    Thanks to the summer season, there are more guests wanting to experience Aqua Planet. If you can, we recommend you to come to the park on a weekday to avoid the crowd and the long lines. With that much space for over 15 attractions, even we are excited to try out the newest slide water park here in the Philippines!

    For more information, visit their website, www.aquaplanet.ph or email them at info@aquaplanet.ph

    Images grabbed from Aqua Planet Facebook Page

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