April 10, 2018

Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas: The perfect getaway from the city

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  • Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas: The perfect getaway from the city
  • Resting along an exclusive five-hectare coastline in Anilao, Batangas, Eagle Point Beach Resort is a prime choice for beach lovers and divers to enjoy different kinds of recreational activities and simply appreciate life on the beachside.

    This beach resort sits on a privileged spot, where you can take in the warm sea breeze and panoramic views of the vast ocean where a beautiful underwater world lies beneath the surface. Right in front of the resort, you can easily dive into the water with your snorkeling gear and swim as you revel in the beauty of corals and fish underwater.

    Beach accommodation with an old-world charm

    Eagle Point has different types of accommodation for different kinds of travelers. All of their accommodation units let guests enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and ocean scenery right in the comforts of their room.

    At the north end of the resort, Terrace Hotel is the newest among the accommodation facilities of Eagle Point Beach Resort. Inspired by the Mediterranean style of seaside living, this hotel is facing Balayan Bay which guests can view from the balcony of each unit. Terrace Hotel has 32 deluxe terrace rooms with balconies and eight superior rooms with views of the jungle. Rates range from Php 4,500 to 8,800 per night.

    At the south end of the resort, meanwhile, there are cottages, native cabanas, and villas, which are a great choice for travelers who want more privacy and solitude. The cottages and villas are well spaced apart and surrounded by trees and colorful plants, which add to the relaxing atmosphere. Cottage accommodation rates range from Php 3,300 to 5,800 per night, while the cottage suites and villas range from Php 11,400 to Php 25,000.

    All of the cottages, cabanas, and villas are also facing the sea, so after a tiring day of fun water activities, you can just sit at the balcony and mellow down with the seaside scenery.

    The resort also houses the Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant, a very spacious and airy dining area which offers scenic views of the ocean through the huge windows. As you take in the view and the ocean breeze, you can enjoy a variety of local and international dishes that are served fresh from the kitchen. 

    Some of their highly recommended dishes are local favorites, Bulalo (beef shank soup with potatoes, corn, green beans and cabbage, Php 450) and Grilled Liempo (strips of grilled pork marinated in soy sauce and calamansi, Php 255) which are both good for sharing. We also enjoyed Mango Chicken (Php 275) and, for dessert, EPR Calamansi Pie (Php 125) which is Eagle Point’s very own zesty and fluffy calamansi cream pie.

    Grilled Liempo at Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant. (Php 255)

    Mango Chicken at Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant. (Php 275)

    EPR Calamansi Pie at Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant. (Php 125)

    A great place to get started on scuba diving

    Eagle Point is a very popular spot for scuba diving in Batangas as they have about 50 dive sites around Anilao and the nearby Tingloy island. Divers can easily swim out from the shore of Eagle Point and find an amazing underwater landscape of corals and marine life. With a depth of 10 to 18 meters, it is also where beginner divers are brought for an introductory dive with a divemaster.

    Eagle Point offers dive packages, as well as equipment rental and dive guide service, for solo and groups of divers. For certified divers, scuba diving rates range from Php 2,620 to Php 8,589 depending on the number of divers and whether you have your own gear. Rates are cheaper for bigger groups and when you have your own diving equipment.

    Dive shop at Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas.

    Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas has around 50 dive sites.

    For first-timers, Eagle Point offers Try Scuba (Php 1,680 inclusive of gear) where you will be trained by a divemaster at the resort’s saltwater reef pool for one hour. The divemaster would assure you that as long as you are comfortable in swimming, you can do scuba diving. That, however, doesn’t mean that scuba diving is as easy as ABC.

    For first-timers, it might feel strange to be breathing underwater only through the mouth. And if you don’t do it right, it can be tiring—breathing becomes a conscious act rather than an automatic process. Here’s a tip from my expert friends: practice breathing through the scuba regulator before going into the water until you’re comfortable, and remember to exhale fully. If you ever encounter any difficulty, your divemaster is right at your side!

    Try Scuba session in the saltwater reef pool at Eagle Point Beach Resort.

    Once you’re comfortable diving in the saltwater reef pool, your divemaster may recommend you for an Intro Dive (Php 3,360 inclusive of gear) wherein you will now be taken on a shore dive to experience the real thing.

    An ideal setting both for solo getaways and group-bonding trips

    Eagle Point Beach Resort has impressive recreational amenities like two-level swimming pools, a saltwater reef pool that also serves as a training tank for scuba diving, a dive shop, and a game room. You can also enjoy various activities like island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, team building activities, and a whole lot more.

    Eagle Point and the nearby Sepoc Beach, which is also a private property of Eagle Point, are favorite spots for company outings and serve as team building venues. Eagle Point has different team building packages to choose from, which usually includes a facilitator, games, and meals.

    There is a hiking trail at Sepoc Beach, which lets you see the whole island from the top of a hill.

    Or you can simply take a dip or bask in the sun at Sepoc Beach.

    It’s fun to do team building games organized by Eagle Point at Sepoc Beach!

    For solo travelers, Eagle Point is also an ideal escape in Batangas where you can be in total solitude. Since the resort is secluded from the busy roads and beach crowds, the whole place feels very natural. You can appreciate the beauty of the hills and the ocean. At night, it exudes mystical solitude—a time to listen to the gentle ocean waves, have some drinks, take a dip in the pool, and watch the stars.

    Finding this other-worldly paradise in Batangas

    It is best to go to Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas via private vehicle. If you’re commuting, there are tricycles at Mabini Market that can take you on a breezy ride going to the private access road of Eagle Point Beach Resort, where a shuttle service can pick you up and take you to the main resort. Advance booking at the resort is highly encouraged.

    General information: 

    Address: Barangay Bagalangit,Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
    Tel.: 02-813-3553 (Makati sales office)
    Cel.: 0918-846-3958; 0917-846-3958
    Check-in & Check-out: 2 p.m. & 1 p.m.
    Website: eaglepointresort.com.ph

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño
    This feature appears in the March 2018 issue of Philippine Primer Japanese magazine.

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