December 27, 2017

Look: Bemwa Farm in Davao City

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  • Look: Bemwa Farm in Davao City
  • Craving for something sweet but healthy at the same time? Want to explore other places in the country? Now is the right time! Have a look at Bemwa Farm in Davao City, Philippines.

    IMAGE Joyful Mess 

    After the Spaniards introduced strawberries in the 19th century, places like Benguet in Luzon and Cebu in the Visayas region started planting and harvesting them not only for consumption but for exportation as well.

    IMAGE Milky Mirafilez in Facebook

    IMAGE Milky Mirafilez in Facebook

    Mindanao soon followed and in 2011, Davao to make its name known through strawberry picking with the opening of Bemwa Farm in Marilog District, Buda, Davao City.

    Bemwa Farm got its name from the initials of five friends who decided to put up the said establishment: Berwin, Eugene, Marlo, Weldy, and Aimee. A summer destination in the northern part of Mindanao, this farm is a 2-hour drive from downtown Davao City which offers a peaceful, green scenery, and a cool weather perfect for all ages to enjoy.

    IMAGE Joyful Mess 

    IMAGE Joyful Mess 

    What makes Bemwa Farm stand out is that the seeds they use all come from California, USA. They also have their own cafe where you can enjoy flavorful desserts, drinks, and delicacies like their famous strawberry taho, strawberry ice-cream, and strawberry jam.

    Entrance fee to Bemwa Farm is free of charge. Apart from strawberry or sunflower picking, you can also avail of their fresh organic products like lettuce and other potted herbs at affordable prices.

    What are your thoughts about Bemwa Strawberry Farm in Davao City? Share with us below!

    Written By: Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno
    Image Source: Joyful Mess , Milky Mirafilez in Facebook; Video from: Lakawero on Youtube

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