December 23, 2017

Getting around Amakusa

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  • Amakusa is an area linked by roads and the sea. This gives you more options to take in all the sights and sounds of the inter-connected islands. Aside from your standard taxis and tour buses, here are other options for you to get around Amakusa:


    Aside from land transfer, sea cruising is also another way to transfer from Kami Amakusa to Shimoshima Amakusa. SeaCruise endeavors to up the ante by offering a luxury cruise around the islands of Amakusa and its 5 bridges. Designed by Mito Oka, a famous architect, the cruise ship is patterned on the Limited Express “A-Train,” a luxury train that takes people from Misumi in Amakusa to Kumamoto.

    In addition to the cruise, a must-do activity while in Amakusa is dolphin-watching. Amakusa is known for their 300 wild Bottlenose dolphins that reside in the surrounding waters. While cruising, witness how these dolphins swim and interact in their natural habitat. There’s a 98% chance you’ll see dolphins cruising alongside the ship. If you’re lucky, the boat cruise also shows you the scenic sunset which has been chosen as one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan. Dolphin-watching costs ¥4,500 for 2 hours.

    Sweet Cruise

    Enjoy a luxurious cruise with an amazing scenery of Amakusa Matsushima and serving of sweet delicacies. The cruise offers two courses every day. Guests can either choose the morning sweet cruise or afternoon sweet cruise. The morning cruise starts between 10:00 am and 11:30 am and leaves from Matsushima port (L’isola Terrace). It passes by the 4 bridges that connect the islands of Amakusa. The rate is Y10,000 per person. The afternoon cruise starts between 1:15 pm and 2:15 pm and includes lunch. It passes by the 5 bridges and Misumi West Port, a Unesco World Heritage site. This cruise stops at Misumi station where you’ll find the A-Train that accepts transfers to Kumamoto City proper. The rate per person is Y20,000. Reservations are required for both cruises.

    The Sweet Cruise Port is located at  6215-22 Aitsu, Matsushima – machi, Kami – Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 861-6195, Japan

    Limited Express A-Train

    People coming from Amakusa to Kumamoto City will need to experience the Limited Express A-Train. It is a luxury train that connects Misumi and Kumamoto and is considered as the gateway to Amakusa. The A-Train is a lovely piece of the past that is stylishly patterned from old European trains. Once inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the woodwork and stained-glass windows inspired by the Catholic churches of Amakusa. The carriage offers onboard bar services, all available with drinks and snacks. Taking the A-Train is also considered a tourist attraction that you should not miss.  If you are coming from Kumamoto, start your “Hidden Christian” adventure by riding this unique train. The round-trip between Kumamoto and Misumi runs three times a day and costs ¥1,880 per trip.

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