December 22, 2017

Hotel Ryugu in Kami-Amakusa

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  • Hotel Ryugu in Kami Amakusa is a great family getaway that offers top quality service. The hotel is divided into two wings. The right-wing is called the Sarasa Building, which offers a variety of spacious rooms, including a mix of Japanese and Western rooms with either two twin beds or Japanese futons. Some of the rooms have an amazing view of the sea.

    The left-wing, known as the Tenshi No Hashigo, is like an extension area of the hotel that provides guests private and luxurious accommodation. The rooms here are covered with a blend of modern and traditional Japanese interior and tatami floors. Each room is equipped with an open-air hot spring bath overlooking the Amakusa Sea.

    Enjoy Japanese-style meals served in their spacious dining area. Other facilities in Hotel Ryugu include a souvenir shop, a bedrock bath, beauty salon, and a foot spa bar where guests can enjoy a drink while soaking their feet in a foot spa.

    Address: 6136 Matsushima – machi Aitsu, Kami – Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture 861-6102, Japan

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