December 14, 2017

La Puera Al Paraizo Beach Resort in Guimaras Islands

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  • La Puerta Al Paraizo Beach Resort is the perfect place to detach from your 21st-century gadgets and commune or be one with nature. Phone signal is unreliable in the resort so it’s useless bringing your laptops, phones, or tablets to work or update your Facebook and Twitter of your whereabouts.

    The rooms are clean and offer a scenic view of the beach. Compared to other resorts in Guimaras, La Puerta Al Paraizo’s rate may look a bit steep but considering their services and location, their price is already reasonable which include the following:

    • Standard room (1-2 pax) – Php 2,800/night
    • Deluxe Single (1-2 pax) – Php 3,600/night
    • Deluxe Double (2-4 pax) – Php 3,900/night
    • Superior Double (2-4 pax) – Php 3,800/night
    • Hilltop (1-2 pax) – Php 3,600/night
    • Family Room (3-6 pax) – Php 4,500/night
    • Quadroom (4-5 pax) – Php 3,900/night

    What makes this place stand out from other resorts in Guimaras is that it has its own restaurant, a number of cottages that surround the beach, and the owners themselves are the ones who fetch and send off their guests at Jordan Port and makes sure that the guests are okay and having fun. Aside from that, this resort also offers a 24/7 roving security service that assures its guests guaranteed safety throughout their stay in the said resort.

    La Puerta Al Paraizo
    Address: San Roque, Nueva Valencia Guimaras
    Telephone No.: (033) 857 6630
    Mobile number: 0927-507-9024 or  0905-230-9910

    This also appears in Philippine Primer Japanese Magazine December Issue (Vol. 117).

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    Some changes below for information:

    1. new email is:

    2. no new web address, however in the process of developing.

    3. internet is available though in limited and/ depending on weather condition

    2 years ago

    thank you.

    2 years ago

    Hi room rates are being change now please update… Standard Room for 1-2pax maximum w/ 1 queen bed or 2 single beds are 2800/night, Deluxe single room for 1 to 2pax max. 3600/night, deluxe double room for 2to4pax max. 3900/ night , superior double room for 2to4pax max. 3800/ night. Hilltop room 3600/ night for 1to2pax max. Family room for 3to6pax max. 4500/night, and Quadroom for 4to5pax max. 3900/night. Thanks☺

    3 years ago
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