December 04, 2017

Original Biscocho Haus in Iloilo

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  • You can’t leave a Philippine town without bringing home some souvenirs. That’s part of the country’s pasalubong culture. In Iloilo, just like in many other towns in the country, pasalubong or souvenirs are not limited to practical or novelty items like keychains or shirts. You can (and you should!) also take home delicious food finds because you might not find them anywhere else in your hometown.

    And one of the best places to grab food souvenirs is the Original Biscocho Haus.

    Bring home delicious Biscocho from this longest-standing pasalubong shop in Iloilo!

    One great snack that is said to have originated from Iloilo, Biscocho is a kind of toasted bread crackers with butter and sugar. It can be eaten as a partner with coffee during breakfast, as a side for a bowl of hot soup, or just a snack for any time of the day.

    Biscocho (Php 54)

    There’s no question about the quality of Biscocho at Original Biscocho Haus. Patrons have been coming and coming back to Original Biscocho Haus for more than four decades already. It has even branched out to other parts of the country.

    Many customers, not only tourists but also locals, come to Original Biscocho Haus every day.

    There are many other delicious treats at the store. Another crowd favorite is their Butterscotch, which is so tempting that you might just finish one whole pack in one go (beware!). There are also different kinds of fruit tarts, piaya (muscovado flatbreads), cookies, tablea (local chocolate tablets), and more!

    Butterscotch (Php 54 – small; Php 135 – large)

    The main branch of Original Biscocho Haus is located along Lopez Jaena St. near Jaro Plaza in Iloilo. You can also easily find other branches at the malls or at the airport.


    Address: Don Aguedo Del Rosario Bdlg., Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City
    Operating hours: 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
    Contact numbers: (033)329-0862 / (033)329-0864
    Price range: Php 30 – Php 300
    Facebook page:

    This feature appears in the December 2017 issue of Philippine Primer Japanese magazine.
    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

    Google Map:
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    Hi. Do you have mobile number of Biscocho Haus? I’m here at Manila and I want to order thru online. Unfortunately they are not reading the messages on facebook. Hope you could help. Thank you.


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