November 27, 2017

Holy Carabao Holistic Farm in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

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  • Farms are not just far-flung lands disconnected from the world of roaring cars and towering concretes. Contrary to what some people think, you don’t have to drive too far away from the city just to find one. As a matter of fact, you need only to hit the road for less than an hour from Manila until you reach one good farm: Holy Carabao Holistic Farm in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

    IMAGE Holy Carabao website

    Started ten years ago by two moms, Holy Carabao grew out of a mom’s dream to provide the healthiest food to her family. Embodying the farm-to-family concept, Holy Carabao now grows healthy and whole foods not just for their own families but also for every Filipino family.

    The farm also practices holistic farming, which is guided by the principles of organic, biodynamic, and permaculture farming. This ensures that the food that goes out of this farm and to your table is healthy, delicious, and, like they say at Holy Carabao, “abundant with life forces.”

    IMAGE Holy Carabao website

    Holy Carabao offers guided farm tours that will let you go around the farm and immerse yourself in farm living. As part of the tour, you’ll get to see healthy farm animals, ride a carabao, and pick vegetables and pay for them later. There is also a swing zip line that you or your kids can ride as many times as you like!

    Meet happy farmers at Holy Carabao. /IMAGE Holy Carabao Facebook page

    Meet happy farm animals, too! /IMAGE Holy Carabao website

    After the tour, spend some time at the Farm Shed Cafe, the farm’s very own coffee shop where delicious coffee and organic food is served.

    Besides the educational farm tours, Holy Carabao also offers therapeutic tours for individuals with special needs.

    Can you guess what lives in this “Bunny Barangay?” /IMAGE Holy Carabao Facebook page

    Why would you need to visit a farm anyway? Besides having a deeper appreciation of where your food comes from, visiting a farm is a humbling learning experience for kids and a good way for grown-ups to experience childhood again when you used to play on grass fields chasing dragonflies.

    At Holy Carabao Holistic Farm, you may find some dragonflies, but what you’ll be chasing here is the experience of a life dedicated to producing the healthiest food at a farm.


    Address: The Farm Shed Cafe at Acacia Waldorf School, Sta. Rosa, Laguna (exit through ETON from SLEX)
    Rates: Php 150 per person (basic farm entrance for small groups under 30 pax), Php 300 per person (farm experience for 30 pax or more)
    Contact: 0977-813-4659
    Email: (for inquiries and reservations)
    Facebook page:

    Sources: Holy Carabao Facebook page, Holy Carabao website
    Images grabbed from: Holy Carabao Facebook pageHoly Carabao website

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