October 17, 2017

Aquascape Lake Caliraya Floating Cottage in Laguna

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  • A lakeside paradise awaits you at Aquascape Lake Caliraya Floating Cottages in Laguna. A secret retreat and a place to de-stress, they offer different cottages with a twist. Drift through Lake Caliraya and escape the hustle and bustle in the city. Just think: it’s like having your own private island.

    Imagine waking up to a 360-degree view of Lake Caliraya

    The cottages can accommodate around 4-6 people and come complete with basic amenities. You can also rent this for private dates or getaways with your friends, family, or your special someone. You can also rent out a smoke machine and disco lights to pump the party up at night. A party in the middle of Lake Caliraya sounds fun, doesn’t it?

    A look inside the cottages available in the resort

    In the morning, be mesmerized with the view as you continue to drift slowly on the lake. Watch the sunset or sunrise, while enjoying refreshing drinks. Aquascape also offers water activities, such as speed boats, jet skis, inflatables, and kayaks. Aside from that, they have land activities for those who want to stay dry.

    A worry-free zone, you can have the cottage by yourself or with groups

    Explore the place on ATV’s, electric skateboards, or electric bicycles. For even more relaxation, try out their open jacuzzi or fish spa. There are differently themed cottages to choose and book for extra fun. Book your stay at cottagesandmanymore@gmail.com.

    Images sources: Aquascape Lake Caliraya Floating Cottages Facebook Page

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