October 13, 2017

Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite in Rizal

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  • Ever wished you could see in person that sea of clouds on the photos of your hiker friends? Here’s what you need to know: you don’t need to hike for N hours just to see a magnificent sea of clouds like that on top of Mount Pulag. At Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite in Rizal, you need only to hike for 20 minutes at most. Easy enough?

    This is not Mount Pulag. /IMAGE Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite Facebook page

    Located on a hilltop 300 meters above sea level in Rizal, just less than three hours away from Manila, Kuta Bungliw is a little camping village of rock and floral landscape surrounded by tall and slender trees which the campsite is named after. The campsite has a clear view of the Daraitan Agos River during the day and the Cloud Sea at the crack of dawn.

    You can revel in the sea of clouds at sunrise while lying in a hammock in one of the nipa hut accommodations (shared lodging). The big common hut, Kubo ni Salome (Salome’s hut), can sleep up to 25 people, while the viewpoint hut, Kubo ni Malaya (Malaya’s hut), can sleep up to 15. The Ifugao Hut has an eight-person capacity. The smaller ones, Kubo ni Elias (Elias’ hut) and Kubo ni Bagani (Bagani’s hut), can accommodate 5-6 people and 4 people, respectively.

    The huts can be rented for an exclusive overnight stay for as low as Php 500 for the smallest nipa hut and Php 1,800 for the big huts.

    Kubo ni Salome (Php 1,800 for exclusive use of the top floor) /IMAGE Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite Facebook page

    Ifugao Hut (Php 1,800) /IMAGE Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite Facebook page

    You may also opt to set up your own tent at one of Kuta Bungliw’s six pocket campsites.

    Kuta Bungliw has convenient facilities like solar-powered lights and outlets, toilets and bathrooms. There is also a flowing mini pool if you want to take a dip.

    While camping at Kuta Bungliw is not as extreme as camping at Mount Pulag or Mount Apo, be sure to check all the things you need to pack for your visit. A nice and comfy blanket is one of the things you must not forget because it gets colder at the campsite at night until dawn.

    View deck. /IMAGE Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite Facebook page

    For those who seek more adventure, Kuta Bungliw also serves as a base camp for other activities like hiking, river trekking, swimming, caving, bird watching, and photography.

    Interested? Be sure to contact Kuta Bungliw for reservation!


    Address: Sitio Irid, Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal
    Contact number: 0915-595-9988
    Email: kutabungliw@gmail.com
    Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kutabungliw/

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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