April 09, 2018

Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna: An adventure land for children and adults

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  • What started as a dream became a reality to Cesar Mario O. Mamon and Rafaelito E. Minguez as they created the Enchanted Kingdom. An outdoor destination for families and friends, filled with fun and magic. The 17 hectares of land is visible from the South Luzon Express Way and just an hour drive from Metro Manila. The vast theme park is modeled after the Knott’s Berry Farm in California.

    Enchanted Kindom’s famous mascot is Eldar the Wizard along with other story book characters

    The land officially opened its doors to the public on October 19, 1995. Up to date, they are the Philippines first, and still, only world-class theme park. There are different rides and attractions to choose from, each unique to the country and in size and magnitude. The rides and attractions are separated into seven meticulously theme zones, every zones have different food stalls and merchandise outlets and kiosk for games and entertainment.

    The Wheel of Fate during night time, from the top you can see the entire park

    Amazon Grill is the only air conditioned restaurant inside the park. There is also the bandstand, choose from Pizzas to a burger and there are also performances by their in house performers. The Kings Men and The Victoria’s way, boy bands and girl groups of Enchanted Kingdom, they perform to entertain the customers who are eating and resting from time to time. There are also different kinds of food and beverage available around the park. Pugad Café is the newly opened themed coffee shop where you can sit down and relax after you’ve tried the Agila: The EKsperience.

    Agila: The Eksperience is Enchanted Kingdoms latest ride that features an interactive ride to the Philippines

    If you’re looking for home cooked meals, visit their Amazon grill and if you’re looking for food on the go, they have a fast-food place nearby the spaceport you can start your enchanting experience at the Victoria Park, found at the entrance of the park. Here, you will also find the Grand Carousel, perfect for both kids and adults, entice and ride as if you’re traveling back to your younger days.

    The Space Shuttle is one of the other extreme ride present in the park

    The Flying Fiesta is one of the most favored rides inside the theme park, a giant swing that lifts you up to your feet 

    Make your way to the Boulderville, the perfect zone for kids. Where they can play like there’s no tomorrow at the prehistoric cartoon zone. The other five zone includes, Portabello (A replica of the Panama in the Caribbean Sea), Brooklyn Place (Reminisce Brooklyn, New York during the 1940’s), Jungle Outpost (a take on the Amazon Jungle with a tropical feel), Midway Boardwalk (Imagine walking along Coney Island filled with vivid colors the zone with most rides, and lastly Spaceport (the sci-fi & American space exploration of the 1960s).

    Visit the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom and discover why the magic stays with you long after you! For more inquiries check out their website, www.enchantedkingdom.ph or check out their Facebook page.

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