July 13, 2017

Pamilacan Island in Bohol

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  • An island hopping tour in Bohol would not be complete without having to get to experience dolphin-watching at Pamilacan Island!

    Part of the island hopping tour that you can get in Bohol is a quick trip to Pamilacan Island where you can see dolphins happily swimming and jumping at the sea. This tiny island, which is just a few minutes from Balicasag, is known for a variety of beautiful creatures that you can see while boating.

    Pamilacan is a coral island which means that you will see plenty of creatures here, not just dolphins. Some types of dolphins that you may be able to see here are bottle-nose dolphins, Fraser’s dolphin, pantropical spotted dolphin, long-snouted dolphin, and Risso’s dolphin.

    Dolphins of Pamilacan./IMAGE jaya via Flickr

    According to boatmen in the island, the best time watch dolphins here would be from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm. You need to be quick to be able to capture these dolphins as they don’t stay afloat the water too much. They usually come in groups so don’t be surprised when you see a group of these creatures appear out of nowhere. Just be sure to have your cameras ready to be able to take a photo of them!

    Pamilacan Island./IMAGE Leah Ladra via Flickr

    Aside from dolphins, other sea creatures that you might be able to see if you are lucky would be blue whales, short-finned pilot whales, melon-headed whales, and even whale sharks! You just need to be in a perfect timing so you will be able to see them. Hunting for these species are not allowed, so do not ever try to hunt them down. These dolphins are best for sightseeing only because they serve as stewards of the sea.

    Clear blue waters

    If you wish to visit this area, kindly tell your boatmen that you would want to see dolphins because the locals know when is the best time to go there and see these cute creatures. If you wish to see more of Pamilacan, this small island houses a village where you can see bones and jaws of marine mammals adorned at each home. These things were from their hunting in the past, but now, it is prohibited by law.

    Pamilacan Island’s white beach is also a must-see if you wish to unwind for a bit and enjoy the beautiful view that Bohol’s beautiful island has to offer. If you wish to get on an island hopping tour, don’t forget to include Pamilacan on your list!

    Photos from: jaya on Flickr, Leah Ladra on Flickr

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