June 21, 2019

Balicasag Island in Panglao is One of Bohol’s Best Snorkeling and Diving Spots

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  • Balicasag Island in Panglao is One of Bohol’s Best Snorkeling and Diving Spots
  • Updated on April 10, 2019

    When in Bohol, going snorkeling or diving is one of the activities that you would want to consider doing as the marine life on the island is truly a sight to behold. Balicasag Island is just one of the many spots that you would want to visit for your underwater adventure!

    Balicasag Island is a 40-minute boat ride from Alona Beach and is one of the islands that are usually included in Island Hopping tours. Divers and snorkelers are a common sight in the waters of Balicasag Island as the marine life is extraordinary!

    Boats usually dock in Balicasag Island so that visitors can stay on the island for short breaks in between tours

    The island is popular among beginner and experienced divers for their underwater sights. Some of the island’s popular dive sites include the Black Forest, a 40 meter deep dive spot where you can find schools of barracudas, eels and other colorful creatures. The Black Forest gets its name from the beautiful black corals that are scattered in the area.

    There’s also Turtle Point where you guessed it, you’ll be able to find sea turtles or pawikan; this dive spot also has caves that run 60 to 75 meters deep.

    The Royal Garden is also among one of Balicasag’s most popular diving spots as it features almost everything in just one spot – from sea turtles to vibrant corals to diverse marine life, it’s no wonder that the Royal Garden is part of the island’s most popular spots!

    If diving isn’t your thing, snorkeling is one of the activities that you can do when you visit Balicasag Island on a day tour. This way, you’ll still be able to experience the wonder of the underwater life without having to go too deep. While it’s recommended to bring your own snorkeling gear, you can rent from the boatmen. You can rent snorkeling gear such as masks and snorkels about P150 per item.

    For those going snorkeling and diving, there will be locals who are associated with tour agencies that will take you to the dive/snorkeling spot

    You might really want to consider snorkeling or diving when you’re at Balicasag Island because the underwater view is truly a sight to see!

    You can also choose to stay at the island itself for a short break before resuming your tour. You can also have lunch on the island. You can bring your own ingredients to have them cooked on the island or paluto which costs around P300. If you don’t have your own ingredients, you can also get them from the locals on the island. You’ll get fresh seafood that will surely re-energize you for the day ahead!

    Dolphin watching is also something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on when island hopping along Balicasag and Pamilacan Island. Be advised though that the Dolphins don’t always appear so it’s best to check with your tour guide or the boatmen when the best time to go see the dolphins will be.

    If you plan on going snorkeling anywhere in Bohol, you might want to pack an underwater camera to capture the astonishing marine life that Bohol has to offer.

    Balicasag Island is truly a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss seeing when you’re traveling to Bohol

    Don’t forget to wear comfortable swimwear as it gets hotter at noon so it’s best to wear rash guards and to bring sunscreen to prevent sunburn while you’re on your island tour.

    What are you waiting for? Visit Balicasag Island and be mesmerized by Bohol’s stunning marine life!

    How to get here:

    • While Balicasag Island is included in most island hopping tours, you can also opt to charter a boat from Alona Beach going to the island. The island is a 40-minute boat ride from Alona Beach.

    For tours around Bohol, you can contact Bohol Tours and Nature’s Wonder Travel & Tours, they are a Tagbilaran City-based travel agency who can assist you in your adventures on the island. You may contact them through boholtourismphilippines@gmail.com, you may also visit their website at boholtourism.com.ph. You may also contact them at 038-422-8321 / 0926-750-4755.

    A version of this appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese magazine April 2019 issue.
    Written by Feliz Grace Bueno

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