April 17, 2019

Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol: A One-Stop Spot for Activities and Revelry

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  • Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol: A One-Stop Spot for Activities and Revelry
  • Updated April 16, 2019

    Bohol is not only known for its Chocolate Hills but also for its astounding beaches, one of which is the Alona Beach in Panglao Island

    The white sand beach is popular among tourists for the extensive offering of restaurants, hotels, and island activities lining its beachfront.

    A popular activity at the beach is diving and snorkeling. The dive boats docked near its shores are always ready to take divers and snorkelers for an underwater adventure. 

    Dozens of dive shops are located on the beach with instructors well-equipped to teach you the basics of diving. They will also accompany you during your dive to make sure that everything goes well.

    For beginners, Alona Beach is a good practice diving spot as its 100-meter house reef is abundant with marine life that both casual and experienced divers enjoy.

    From starfishes on the sea bed to clownfishes in their anemones and eels making their rounds along with the corals, the marine life at Alona Beach is a sight that you won’t forget.

    Diving with Bohol Mr. Diver Dive Center

    But if diving and snorkeling isn’t your thing, don’t worry! You can feast on the freshest seafood dishes served by the restaurants along the beachfront while watching the beautiful sunset.  

    You can also sunbathe or have a relaxing massage along the shore. But taking a stroll along the beach and admiring the breathtaking sight is also a great way to spend the day at the beach. 

    Nightlife at Alona Beach is also something worth to experience. It may be tamer than those of other popular tourist beaches, but Alona’s nightlife does not shy away from entertainment. 

    Another perfect way to end the day is by enjoying a nice, romantic candle-lit dinner along the beach. Choose from their selection of flavors to sample ranging from Swiss to Italian, Thai, and Filipino cuisine.

    Alona also has accommodations by the beach, perfect for those who love the sea and would love to wake up to the view of the ocean. 

    When in Bohol, Alona Beach is one of the beaches that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It has everything from the best dive shops to the best restaurants and hotels. Visiting the beach and experiencing the activities it has to offer is truly worth the journey!

    How to get here

    • By private car: From the new Bohol Panglao International Airport, head northeast towards the Panglao Island Circumferential Road, continue on this road then head towards the Alona Beach Road. From there, you can park your cars in the available parking area then walk the rest of the way towards the beach. 
    • By public transport: From your hotel in Panglao, you can ask for the front desk to arrange a third-party tricycle for you going to the beach. The ride costs around Php 200.

    For your underwater adventures, you can contact Bohol Mr. Diver Dive Center, they are a Dive Center based in Alona Beach that offers diving courses that range from diving courses to specialty courses. You may visit their website or contact them at 0939-916-7419, you may also e-mail them at  boholmrdiver@gmail.com.

    A version of this appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese Magazine April 2019 issue.
    Written by Feliz Grace Bueno

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