May 26, 2017

A ‘sea of cloud’ adventure in Mt. Pulag in Ifugao

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  • A ‘sea of cloud’ adventure in Mt. Pulag in Ifugao
  • Wondering what it’s like to be in the above the clouds?

    The Mount Pulag view/IMAGE Rene Salta via Flickr

    Known to be the highest peak in Luzon, Mount Pulag has been a favorite hiking destination among locals and foreign tourists who are fascinated with the marvelous sea of clouds attraction that can be seen as soon as the sun rises 2,922 meters above sea level. Borders between the Northern provinces such as Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya, and Ifugao meet at the peak of Mount Pulag, as the mountain is also considered the third highest in the country.

    Why should Mount Pulag be part of your must-see travel destinations here in the Philippines?

    Hiking towards the peak/IMAGE Rene Salta via Flickr

    Apart from the beaches and food, people come to Mount Pulag to experience a hike of a lifetime—whether you’re a newbie in mountaineering or a pro. The hike usually lasts for up to 11 hours to reach the peak and back. Hikers usually stay there for up to two days to enjoy the hike where aside from the clouds, you’d also be able to see the rich biodiversity that thrives in the area—another unique experience for you up high. There are two trails you can opt to choose, the Ambangeg (easy) and Akiki (challenging). There are various tour guides available so if you wish to climb Mount Pulag, you can ask them about the transportation, things to bring, and fees you need to pay for on the trek.

    Clouds at the backdrop/IMAGE Rene Salta via Flickr

    The temperature in Mount Pulag usually reaches zero or subzero levels, so it is always advisable to bring thermal jackets, sturdy hiking shoes, and other gears you might need for the climb. It’s generally colder during the months of December to February, and locals advise to climb during the early months (December to April) of the year.

    Want to see a sea of clouds in the Philippines? Travel now to Mount Pulag!

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    Images grabbed from Rene Salta via Flickr

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