April 27, 2017

T’boli Weaving Center in Davao

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  • See Mindanao’s colorful culture through their woven products!

    T’boli is a Philippine ethnic tribe from South Cotabato in Southern Mindanao. These indigenous people are known for their rich culture, especially their craftsmanship through weaving. In Davao City, you can find woven products in the name of T’boli Weaving Center, where you can these handmade by the T’boli women in Mindanao.

    T’boli Weaving Center in Davao

    When you go to the Weaving Center, you will see T’boli women weaving right in front of you so that you can see that it really authentic and handmade. Its process is tedious, and some would let you try it on your own. The thread they use are fibers from the abaca plant which are extracted from the inner section of a wils banana plant. These are dried and separated into strands. The dyes used to make the colors of the thread are from vegetables and other materials. The cloth made from the said thread is called T’nalak, which are geometric patterns of human and animal forms. This skill of the T’boli has helped them not only for business purposes, but because it has helped them improve their craft, preserve their culture, and it has also made their talent known to visitors not only from the Philippines but foreign tourists as well.

    Aside from cloths, they also make stationery products that you may want to give as a souvenir for your family or friends. Aside from that, there are also rugs, jewelries, and other items you may want to buy. You can truly be assured that these are made from the highest quality standards as it takes weeks to months to do a single item for the process is so thorough. The T’boli’s woven items are truly a great way to help preserve their culture and help their community.

    Buy local products handwoven from the T’bolis of Mindanao here!


    Address: Pearl Farm Marina Wharf, Lizada Drive, Lanang Davao City

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