April 21, 2017

Leticia By The Sea in Samal Island, Davao

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  • Located in the tranquil island of Talicud, Island Garden City of Samal, Leticia by the Sea is a destination in itself. It is a great getaway for those who want to experience a total relaxation.

    LETICIA BY THE SEA. A paradise located in the tranquil island of Talicud, Samal./IMAGE Leticia by the Sea website

    Just an hour boat travel away from the city, Leticia by the Sea sits in an island bought by families who build their own private retreats or public resorts.

    Inspired by a vision, the owners slowly built this hidden paradise while carefully following the land’s terrain so as not to drastically alter the environment.

    CABANA. Made for beachcombers who wants to enjoy the beach in utmost simplicity./IMAGE Leticia by the Sea website

    Cottages are built in a rolling landscape of lush garden and trees, and an overlooking view of the turquoise waters. The resort may obviously be a Balinese influence, everything else is Filipino touch. The cottages and pavilions, with its magnificent view deck, were made of Filipino hardwood, Coco lumber, Amakan, and Nipa complemented with interesting artifacts and antiques brought by the families from the province of Negros.

    The property, which provides luxurious and spacious accommodation, spans up to 60,000 square meters. Imagine your cabanas with a white flowing curtain being blown by the breeze whilst viewing the open see—pretty cinematic isn’t it?

    Leticia by the Sea has 7 types of rooms, 3 of which are air-conditioned namely the Seaside Villas, Garden Villas and the Family Cottage. The non-airconditoned rooms are Hilltop cabana, Seaside cabana, Bali house, and the Molave room.

    Your stay will be as memorable as you imagine it, with antique day beds, old lamps, tarnished bancas, ship rudders, an old river boat for hauling sugar cane, cabinets and an ethnic head statue, which are just a few of the many objects strategically placed all over the place to give you a rustic but cozy atmosphere.

    There are sports activities like water trampoline, kayaks, jet-ski, and pedal boats. Given that they are located in a white shoreline and clear blue waters of Davao Gulf, scuba diving turns out to be the most popular pursuit among tourists.

    Leticia by the Sea assures to provide you a serene and intimate experience in its tropical setting with modern facilities and personalized service, while living up to its promise of maintaining the exclusivity and privacy of the resort.


    Address: Talicud Island, Samal
    Phone Number: 02-2240501
    Website: info@leticiabythesearesort.com


    Images grabbed from Leticia by the Sea

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