September 07, 2017

Alpico Group: Getting around Nagano, Japan with ease

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    Founded in 1920, the ALPICO Group has been providing comfortable and convenient stays in Nagano. This comprehensive company manages transportation (bus and taxi), hotels, and Japanese-style ryokan. The ALPICO Group operates 5 hotels around Matsumoto and Suwa. Each accommodation maximizes the features of its location and offers one of a kind experience to its guests. The sights of Nagano Prefecture can be enjoyed all throughout the year and ALPICO Group is your reliable friend in this trip.


    Hotel Buena Vista

    Hotel Buena Vista is a city hotel located near the Matsumoto Castle. Its convenience and accessibility made it a top choice for tourists in Matsumoto. The staff can speak English and are very knowledgeable, not only about the hotel’s amenities, but also about the sightseeing spots in Matsumoto.

    The interior is modern and the rooms are well-equipped and clean. The hotel offers standard rooms, executive rooms, and luxury suites. We particularly enjoyed breakfast at the hall located on the top floor.

    Witnessing the city come to life was truly unforgettable, especially from Hotel Buenavista’s 360-degree viewing platform. You can also enjoy majestic views of the Northern Japan Alps and Utsugushigahara plateau when you stay at Hotel Buena Vista.

    Sousen-no-yado Suhaku

    Sousen-no-yado Suhaku is one of the most beautiful Japanese-style ryokans in Suwa. Located along the Lake Suwa, the hotel is a good starting point if you want to visit other tourist destinations in the area.

    Aside from the traditional Japanese rooms, Sousen-no-yado Suhaku has an onsen (hot spring) located on the top floor. Guests can use the public onsen for free but will have to pay extra to use the private one. In Japan, observing proper bathing etiquette and manners throughout the relaxing experience is very important.  Sousen-no-yado Suhaku also has a souvenir shop located at the ground floor and a restaurant on the second floor that serves mainly Japanese cuisine.

    Kaiseki Meal

    During August, Suwa celebrates one of Japan’s largest fireworks festivals. Guests can enjoy this sparkling view from the hotel’s private onsen or from the 12 hotel rooms facing Lake Suwa.

    Private Onsen

    Other hotels that ALPICO group manages are Ace Inn in Matsumoto, a small to medium sized-hotel ready to accommodate guests for a reasonable price; Hotel Shoho, a luxury hotel located at the mountainous area of Nagano; and Kamikochi Lameista Hotel, where you can have a quiet retreat and commune with nature in the quieter part of Kamikochi.

    Hotel Shoho and Kamikochi Lameista Hotel


    ALPICO Group is also a Japanese bus operator that provides highway transportation services. The main goal of the company is to give passengers a safe and comfortable trip to and within Nagano. ALPICO Highway Bus can accommodate groups coming from Shinjuku or Nagoya and take you around Matsumoto City.  Tourists can also use the ALPICO taxi or local bus to visit destinations like Wasabi Farm, Hakuba, Norikura, or the shrines in Suwa. ALPICO also offers transfers to Nagano City and Hakuba.


    GO! NAGANO (Nagano Prefecture Official Tourism Guide)


    *This story first appeared in Philippine Primer magazine April 2017 issue.

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