February 21, 2017

Fly high with Cebutop

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    If you think that Cebu is only known for its island and city tours, then you are mistaken. In this province, you can also experience a different kind of tour attraction—through flying! With Cebutop, you can now get to see the wondrous places in the Philippines with a bird’s eye view.

    The view 

    Cebutop offers various flights which include the following: A Course, wherein for 45 minutes you can get to fly over Chocolate Hills in Bohol, see coral reefs and some islands around Cebu-Bohol. You can also take photos from the sky as well! This is priced at P6,000 per pax, minimum of 2. There is also B Course, a Bohol Tour with 1 hour and 30 minutes flying time and 4 hours ground time that offers a tour in Bohol, which includes Tarsier Sanctuary and lunch at Loboc River Floating restaurant. The route will be from Mactan-Tagbilaran-Mactan. For this, the price is at P13,500 per pax, minimum of 2 persons. You can also try ziplining for only P1000 additional per person.

    Get the chance to ride this one!

    For C Course, the tour will be in Bantayan. Flying time would be 1 hour and 30 minutes, with 2-hour ground time and lunch at Ogtong Cave resort.  The route will be from Mactan-Bantayan-Mactan. This C Course is priced at P15,000 per pax with minimum of 2 persons.

    Pilots of Cebutop

    There is also a D Course for Leyte Tour, with 2 hour flying time and 3 hours and 30 minutes ground time with Leyte Tour at War Shrine and memorial places. The route will be from Mactan-Ormoc-Mactan, and is priced at P17,000 per pax minimum of 2 persons. For E Course, there is a Siquijor Tour with 2-hour flying time and 4 hours ground time with Siquijor Tour and lunch at Coco Groove Resort. The route will be from Mactan-Siquijor-Mactan and priced at P18,000 per pax, minimum of 2 persons.

    For those who would like to rent out a camera there is an available camera at Cebutop for only P2,000. It is recommended that you ask Cebutop staff first for reservations. When it comes to attires, there is no strict advisory regarding dress codes but Cebutop recommends avoiding the use of heeled footwear because there are operations using foot pedals. Usage of sunglasses is recommended as well.

    Want to enjoy your Cebu vacation in a very memorable way? This is a great family bonding for parents and kids as you fly high and see the beauty of the Philippines! Get the chance to fly via Cebutop! For more information, please contact Cebutop via the information provided below.

    *Image by Cebutop.jp


    Address: Lot No. 19 General Aviation Area, Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

    Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

    TEL: 6332-495-1840

    Mobile: 0917-319-0311

    Website: http://www.cebutop.j/p

    Email: info@cebutop.jp

    Price range: P6,000 to P18,000

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