February 13, 2019

VIGAN TRAVEL: Historical Plaza Salcedo Turns into a Spectacle of Lights at Night

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  • Every seven in the evening, locals and tourists staying in Vigan quickly make their way to the most popular park in the city to visit a lights-and-sound spectacle you would not want to miss– the Dancing Fountain right at the center of Plaza Salcedo in Vigan!

    Plaza Salcedo’s Dancing Fountain is the go-to place of every tourist at the strike of 7 in the evening. 

    Named after the Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo, Plaza Salcedo is both the city’s central attraction as well as its town center.

    Much like any old Spanish settlement, Plaza Salcedo is surrounded by all of the places you’ll need to visit in Vigan: the town hall, regional hall, local shopping center, and the church. Now, it is also surrounded by fast food diners, making it every Vigan visitors’ go-to place.

    Alongside Plaza Salcedo, tourists may find the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle, popularly known as the Vigan Cathedral.

    West of Vigan Cathedral, you may spot its bell tower overlooking the historic town of Vigan.

    It was supposed to have 4 sunken gardens which would represent the four seasons experienced in the Western countries: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The lagoon, where the fountains are located, was built in 1970 and serves as a reservoir in response to what was then a turmoil-filled Vigan City.

    One of the most significant events to happen at Plaza Salcedo was the execution of Gabriela Silang by public hanging in September 1973. Gabriela Silang was the first woman leader of the Philippine revolution to fight against Spain.

    Moreover, at the middle of the park is the 17th-century monument of Juan de Salcedo, the oldest of its kind in Northern Luzon.

    The dancing fountains start at 7 every night, taking place every 30 minutes. On weekends, a second show is held at 8:30 pm.

    Photographers also love Plaza Salcedo as it makes a great foreground for when they take photos of the Vigan Cathedral, originally called the Saint Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, originally built in 1574 as a chapel, which was then replaced as a church in 1641 and was rebuilt in the 1800s.

    Children dances and plays to the beat of the lights and sound spectacle right at the center of Plaza Salcedo.

    The Vigan Cathedral is a part of the city’s stamp as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    How to get here:

    • From Calle Crisologo, walk straight and turn to Burgos Street near McDonald’s. From here, you will see the Vigan Cathedral and Plaza Salcedo.

    A version of this appeared in Philippine Primer’s Japanese (Vol. 104) and English (Vol. 11) magazines.

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