January 13, 2017

Take a trip around the Philippines with Enchanted Kingdom’s Agila.

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  • Take a trip around the Philippines with Enchanted Kingdom’s Agila.
  • Reopening on January 15 is Enchanted Kingdom (EK)’s newest attraction –  Agila: The EKsperience. Featuring a 6D theater experience, 100 motion seats, and a giant screen, Agila is said to be the first and the largest flying attraction in the country.


    Image grabbed from Enchanted Kingdom’s website

    The attraction will take people on a flight around 20 breathtaking locations around the country – from Batanes to Cagayan de Oro – showcasing all the beautiful spots they offer. This is while giving the illusion that they are eagles soaring and getting a (literal) bird’s eye view of all the destinations that the country has to offer. Aside from being an educational experience for the students, Agila is also fit to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    Complete with the sensation of wind, mist, scents, and shakers, Agila makes sure that everyone feels the realistic and magical experience it brings.


    Image grabbed from Manila Standard

    EK’s Chairman and President Mario Mamon said that Agila is one way for them to highlight the beauty of the Philippines. “It’s also a way of being to bring in foreign tourists who do not have time to go around the country,” he added.

    Agila also serves as a tribute to the Philippine Eagle which symbolizes the country’s strength, courage, and resilience. Through this attraction, the theme park hopes to encourage people in conserving the environment and showing their pride and love for the country.

    For more information, you may visit Enchanted Kingdom’s website.


    Sources: Enchanted Kingdom, GMA News, When In Manila, Good News Pilipinas 


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