September 07, 2016

Japan Airlines: Return of the pioneer

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  • While it’s been four years since the change, Japan Airlines never ceases to amaze the world of international and domestic travel. Their continuing commitment to “Omotenashi” and “daring spirit” makes Japan Airlines one of the most preferred airline groups in the world.



    FLY INTO TOMORROW. JAL goes back to its roots and embraces its pioneering spirit once more.




    Japan Airlines was established in 1951 as Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., flying routes within Japan as an independent scheduled domestic air carrier the following year. In 1953, under the Japan Airlines Act (Act No. 154 of 1953), Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. was established with a capital of 2 billion yen.


    After several mergers with other airline companies and organizational restructuring, Japan Airlines Corporation now formally trades under the name Japan Airlines Co. Ltd. The JAL network also got certified by the US Conducive Technology as “World No. 1 Network by Carrier” for meeting arrival times. They were also certified “No. 1 in the Asian Region” by Japan Air Commuter.



    BEST IN THE WORLD. Certified as world’s number 1.



    JAL plans to stay ahead of its competitors with the debut of their revamped Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. Flying under the name of “Sky Suite”, these aircraft will soon become JAL’s darlings of the sky.


    JAL Sky Suite

    A NEW WAY TO FLY. The exterior of JAL’s Sky Suite 777.

    The Boeing 777-200ER may not be the newest from leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing, but with the JAL Sky Suite, you’ll never look at it the same way again.


    Sky Suite III

    THE NEW BUSINESS CLASS. Fly in complete comfort and freedom with JAL.


    Sky Suite New Bus Class

    THERE’S SO MUCH ROOM! Now you can fly business without worrying about getting enough rest.


    Sky Suite Bus Class

    AISLE ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE on business class.


    Their Sky Suite III or business class will feature fully flat seats with plenty of legroom for the most soothing of flights, even with your seats fully reclined. These seats are also angled in such a way that you have access to the aisle no matter where you’re seated.


    Sky Wider Economy

    IT’S ALSO ROOMY IN ECONOMY! Even the economy-class seats are getting revamped!


    Think economy is bad? Well, JAL will make you rethink that statement thanks to Sky Wider Economy Class seats. With more and more people travelling in larger groups, JAL’s 3-4-2 seat configuration makes it possible for groups of 2-4 people to stay within the same row.


    If you’re not keen on flying Business yet don’t want to stay in economy, there’s the JAL Sky Premium, a.k.a. the premium economy class. With premium seats that have a generous pitch and a fixed back design (so the person in front doesn’t recline towards you), flying premium economy gives you the most relaxed flight without breaking the bank.


    The new JAL Sky Suites debuted out of Haneda Airport, taking passengers to Bangkok and Singapore as early as June 18, 2016. JAL will soon expand these flights to cover Honolulu later in 2016, and eventually the rest of their routes.




    JAL is lead by Mr. Masaru Onishi, Chairman of JAL’s Board of Directors. He has been with JAL since 1978, and was president of then Japan Airlines International Co. Ltd in March of 2011. He also serves as a Member of the Board of Governors at International Air Transport Association (IATA).


    With their large coverage and commitment to giving the highest level of service, Japan Airlines will surely move forward as one of, if not the best airline companies in the world for many years to come.


    For schedules, you can visit


    All photos grabbed from and Japan Airlines Asia Facebook page

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