September 04, 2016

Hanging Bridge

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  • Banaue is famous mostly for its rice terraces. Sweeping views of these manmade wonders are everywhere, but there is one more thing that Banaue is famous for: the Hanging Bridge.



    DAILY FOR THEM. It is a journey that is not for the faint of heart.


    Banaue’s hanging bridge may not stun most people, but it does attract a lot of attention from people who go to Banaue for the first time. It’s a simple bridge that connects the local market/town center with the rest of Banaue. In particular, it connects the town center to Brgy. Bocos, home to the Immaculate Conception School.

    from above

    THE SHORTEST WAY ACROSS. The hanging bridge may be a tourist attraction, but it’s more of a vital link for the people of Banaue.


    Most of the people who cross the bridge are locals looking to get from Bocos Village and neighboring barangays to the town center. It’s a lifeline for those looking to go to the market without having to go all the way around the Banaue Central School on foot.

    The Hanging Bridge by itself isn’t the sight you want to see. It’s the river below that completes the experience, as well as walking on the bridge itself. Most people will see it as a scary walk across a very old bridge. Every step you take on the bridge will literally make a sound: the metal used on the walkway is not connected properly, but it is secure.

    There’s no need to pay for anything to use the bridge. It was built to give students of Immaculate Conception and residents of Bocos Village an easier way to get to the town center and back without the need for transportation.

    You can find the Hanging Bridge just below the police station. There’s a small staircase that leads down to the start of the bridge, but don’t expect a grand staircase. It will be a challenge for those who are afraid of heights, but the short walk is well worth the trip.


    Hanging Bridge

    Poblacion, Banaue, Ifugao

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