September 03, 2016

See the mesmerizing Rice Terraces at Banaue Viewpoint

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  • The first thing you’d want to do when in Banaue is to get the most magnificent view that you can get of the Banaue Rice Terraces. After all, you went there to see what this so called “Eighth Wonder of the World” looks like.



    VIEW POINT. Get off and enjoy the view at these viewpoints!


    The Banaue Viewpoints are the stopovers where you can see the best view of the Banaue Rice Terraces. Along the main road, several viewpoints are set up for the tourists to be able to see the beauty of the manmade terraces up close. To go to the viewpoints, you can ride a tricycle which you can rent for P200 or you can also walk if you want to. You can ask your local tour guide to bring you to the best viewpoints in town to get yourself picture-perfect scenery of the rice terraces once you are in Banaue. Also, don’t forget to bring your cameras and go there at the best time, preferably during sunrise or late afternoon for great lighting.  According to the locals, the best season to go here is during April to July, where the rice terraces are transitioning from their greenest color to gold. They call it golden season every June to July because of its golden hue as it is already harvesting time.





    LOVE THE VIEW. The different views of Banaue in different viewpoints


    Some of the viewpoints in the place are very notable. For one, the main view point is where you can see the best view of the terraces because of the lighting. The other one is the NFA-Aguian View Deck, which is the popular viewpoint where you can see the photo of the Rice Terraces imprinted at the back of the P20 peso bill (where previously, it was on a P1000 banknote). There are other viewpoints which can give you an admirable view of the terraces but it’s always best to go there at a time where the lighting is good (afternoons may be foggy because of the rain, while nighttime is not advisable as it is already dark.






    SUPPORT LOCAL. Buy souvenirs in different souvenir shops in Banaue viewpoint!


    Aside from the view, the Banaue viewpoints also house souvenir shops where you can see several Ifugao wood carvings and other food and accessories which you may want to take home as gifts. Also, there are some Ifugao elders who you can take a photo with but you have to give them some donation in doing so.

    Get the best view of the wonderful Rice Terraces at Banaue Viewpoint!

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