August 04, 2016

Boracay Beach Club

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  • Want to have an intimate yet fun-filled Boracay vacation? Choose Boracay Beach Club for your accommodation.


    What a view to look at in the morning

    Boracay Beach club charms its guests through its 30-room accommodation. Undoubtedly smaller compared to others, this boutique hotel still makes it on the list of the best accommodations when in Boracay, as this is listed in Travel + Leisure’s Top 25 Secret Seaside Getaways. Also, what makes it a great choice to stay in is that they are located at the beachfront, making it an ideal place to be in. With just a few steps away from the beach, it’s really a win-win situation staying here: its proximity and convenience tops all other.

    boracay beach club


    Inside Boracay Beach Club

    Aside from being close to the waters, it’s location in Station 1 is also accessible to restaurant and bars, which at night, is the best place to spend the vacation with your friends and loved ones. Not too far from the hotel, various souvenir shops, pubs, and dining places are readily available for your convenience too.

    Boracay Beach Club also has amenities which will make your vacation more enjoyable. They have a beachfront lounge, perfect for those who want to stay at the beach all-day long, an indoor restaurant to satisfy your cravings, a pool if you want to swim indoors, and a roof deck that offers a great view of the Sulu sea in case you want to have a relaxed time by taking an afternoon nap.

    The hotel offers four types of room accommodation perfect for those who will be spending time with a group of people. Each room is well-equipped and clean to ensure a great stay!

    Photos grabbed from Boracay Beach Club’s Facebook page

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