July 30, 2016

Boracay Activities: An exclusive island hopping tour in Boracay

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  • Why not take your summer vacation into a whole new level? Get excited as you try on different Boracay activities you can do to spice up your summer!



    BOARACAY ACTIVITIES. This is one thing you shouldn’t miss during your Boracay escapade!


    For those who would like to just unwind and spend time relaxing at the beach, one can enjoy the fine white sands along White Beach and bask in the sun as you sip a refreshing shake all through the afternoon. If you’re a foodie, Boracay houses various specialty cuisine restaurants all over the island so you’re out to explore different food you will surely love to try. May it be a snack shop, a bar, a fine dining restaurant, or simply an eatery along D’ Talipapa, you have got plenty of gastronomic choices ready to stuff your tummy with amazingly delectable food.



    WELL-EQUIPPED. Their accommodating private tour guide Evelyn Tolinero and well-trained boatsmen will guide you through the trip!


    But if you’re the kind of travelbug who takes pleasure in heart-pumping activities, then Boracay is still the best place for you. It’s time to unleash your inner wild spirit as you take on Boracay activities fit for you!



    ALL ABOARD. Hop on to this paraw and have a great sea adventure!


    Boracay is full of summer activities you can enjoy with your family and friends. For those who would love to see more islands, why not take an island hopping tour? If you want to have an exclusive tour for you to enjoy the trip, you can totally do so as Boracay Activities offers Exclusive Island Hopping which lets you marvel Boracay in a more peaceful and intimate manner. Enjoy the tour through “Misty Morning,” the only seaworthy Paraw sailboat in Boracay. Expect an extraordinary ride which will make you ride along the waves but with utmost safety and comfort. Get ready to explore the other pristine islands and see other places other than the White Beach. What makes the exclusivity better? You can actually customize your own trip, and go to places where you think would be more enjoyable for you.



    SEAFOOD LOVIN’. Enjoy Boracay’s delectable seafood and meat offerings as they prepare it for you at lunch!


    Let Boracay Activities make you taste the best of Boracay’s gastronomic offerings as you choose whether you’d like seafood or meat dishes for lunch! Spend the whole day out of the crowded White Beach and see the best places you’d never thought you’d travel to in Aklan!


    Website: https://www.boracay-activities.ph/island-hopping.html

    Email: mail@boracay-activities.ph

    Boracay office:

    Contact: Evelyn Tolinero

    Skype: evelyn.tolinero92

    Mobile: +63 921-387-7372

    Tel: +63 36-288-7794

    Europe office:

    Contact: Chris Lejeuene

    Skype: chris.lejeune31


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