July 08, 2016

Kayangan Lake

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  • One of the most popular spots in the island hopping tour when in Coron, Palawan is the Kayangan Lake. It’s a must-see, most especially because of its crystal turquoise water which is why it was dubbed as the cleanest lake in Asia.  To get to the Kayangan Lake, it will take a 30-45 minute boat ride from the pier. As you arrive in the lake, you will be able to see steep limestone cliffs that surround the area. You will need to go through a 10-minute climb to reach the docking area to Kayangan Lake.



    THE KAYANGAN VIEW. At the peak of the trek, capture postcard-perfect shots of the view that you would not want to miss.


    At the peak, you will see a view deck area where you can have the perfect spot to capture photos of the magnificent cove that’s a mix of luscious greens and crystal blue– the perfect combination of colors that make it more pleasing to the eyes. Then, steep stairways downhill will get you to the Kayangan Lake, where you will be greeted by a brackish body of water where you can swim for 20-30 minutes.

    Island hopping tours provide their guests a life vest to be used compulsory as a standard safety procedure when going on tours. To enjoy the underwater experience at a greater level, you can rent snorkeling gears and aqua shoes you can use that costs around P150 each.



    KAYANGAN LAKE, a paradise in Palawan


    Wooden planks at the side will take you to the lengths of the lake, where you can leave your belongings if you want to take a dip. You need to be careful of the rock formations that border the lake as they tend to be sharp and rough. While snorkeling under waters, you will be able to see more of Coron’s rich marine life such as needlefish and stalagmites which will leave you in awe. Be sure that if you would want to take a memory home with you, bring an underwater camera so you could take photos of these amazing species.



    Swim at this crystal clear beach!


    One thing that makes Kayangan Lake a perfect spot to admire the beauty of Coron is because of its tranquility that adds charm to the place. Just like any other islands, this should be left undisturbed, so as not to ruin the brilliance that the place emanates. The Tagbanuas, the indigenous people keepers of the place, make sure that the place remains to be as peaceful as it was before, the reason why many people keep coming back to see the wondrous lake of Kayangan.

    Marvel at this beautiful lake as you travel to Coron, Palawan!

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