April 12, 2016

People Power Experiential Museum

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  • If you weren’t born yet to know what Martial Law looked like, head on to the EDSA People Power Experiential Museum and remember history.



    See faces of people that will remind you of history


    It was in February 22 to 25, 1986 when EDSA People Power Revolution happened which became a way to achieve victory against the injustices that occurred during the Martial Law. This historic protest gathered over a million protesters which ended the Marcos Era. In this regard, the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC) created the Experiential Museum, to share the brave stories of what transpired during that historic event in the Philippines.



    A film and live actors are just some of what you will see in the experiential museum


    The museum was set up last February 25 to 26, which has educated young Filipinos to know what Martial Law was, especially for those who have little to no knowledge at all when it comes to this important part of Philippine history. Eight halls were put up to let people discover ideas about People Power, as elements of theater, performance art, installation, photographs, and film were fused together to create this museum. These halls are called The Hall of Restless Sleep, The Hall of Hidden Truths, The Hall of Orphans, The Hall of the Lost, Hall of Pain, The Hall of Forgotten Martyrs, The Hall of Awakening, and The Hall of Action.



    Learn through art and history


    And due to its insistent public demand, the museum once again opens at a fixture in the QCX (Quezon City Experience) at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. To know more about the upcoming details, follow @EDSA2BContinued on Twitter, and use the hashtag #EDSAContinues to let people know of this great news.

    Want to learn history outside the four walls of your classroom? Go to the People Power Experiential Museum and revisit the past.


    Photos via gov.ph

    General Information

  • Bahay Ugnayan Office J.P. Laurel St. Malacañang Compound, Manila, Philippines 1005
  • 02-784-4286 loc. 4506
  • eppc@gmail.com, info@edsapeoplepower.com
  • http://edsapeoplepower.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/EDSA-People-Power-Revolution-819791011500498/
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