December 02, 2015

Exploring the Island Paradise of Caramoan

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  • Caramoan is a hidden paradise where white sand and pristine beaches, limestone cliffs, rock formations, lagoons, caves, coves, rich marine life, islands and islets are considered daily attractions and enjoyed best whether under the sun or under the stars. It abounds in nature’s richness and its inspiring sceneries and beautiful waters make it the perfect getaway for backpacking adventures as well as a haven for relaxation and for those looking for a more laidback a-breath-of-fresh-air, peace-and-quiet sweet escape.

    Caramoan Peninsula is a first class municipality in the lower eastern part of Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region within the Pacific Ocean border. Quietly tucked away, but is definitely worth traveling to.

    Stunning natural landscapes Pic 3

    Must-do Activities:

    Island hopping and beach bumming experience in the top 12 islands: Lahuy, Matukad, Pitogo, SabitangLaya, Minalahos, Lahus, Hunongan, Gota, Tinago, Catanhawan, Cotivas and Tayak. Spend at least 3 days to explore and discover the aforementioned islands/islets. Unleash your adventurous side and frolic in each island you reach or simply soak up the sun and the kiss of the cool breeze.

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    Swimming – Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the serene seas, water forms, marine life and the whole stretch of the beach line. For non-swimmers, it is always best to wear life jackets for safety.

    Snorkeling–A wonderful, fun and relaxing activity anyone can enjoy through a peek into the colorful and fascinating world of underwater adventure through the ocean’s surface.

    Rock Formations Pic 5

    Kayaking – Enjoy the popular water activity in the island by paddling in the cool and serene water and moving around through a kayak boat.

    Spelunking/Caving/Camping – Another must-do activity in the island that lets you commune with the untouched beauty of the caves, rock and limestone formations, and awesome cliffs. Visit the popular old bat sanctuary more popularly known as Kulapnit Cave, the enchanting limestone formations in Omang Cave and the underground streams of BulangBulang Cave. Make sure to hire a local guide before going to these adventure places to maximize your time and the places you want to explore.

    Magnificent Rock Formations Pic 4


    Countryside Tour – Visit the gigantic statue of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Mother of Peace through a trekking adventure (500 steps) to Mt. Caglago summit with a bonus breathtaking view of the entire islands. You can also pray and attend the local mass at the stone church St. Michael Archangel Parish Church. Some souvenir items in the local shops are also available to add to your travel memorabilia pieces.

    Photos and article by Adrian Pempena

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