December 02, 2015

Matabungkay Beach

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  • A sight for sore eyes, the Matabungkay Beach in Nasugbu is good to be viewed while the sun sets, together with a bottle of beer at hand.


    DYED A CRIMSON RED. The beauty of the setting sun in Matabungkay Beach

    Summer vacation seems to be incomplete without a trip to the beach. Despite not having the four-season summer Western countries have, Filipinos have revamped the long spell of dry season by giving it the term ‘summer’. It must be in the blood to be naturally fond of water and white sand as the Matabungkay Beach in Batangas is a natural head turner with its perfect display of the setting sun. Overlooking the wet bodies of both the old and the young, busy splashing about, it is worthwhile to drop by Matabungkay for a short, refreshing dip before returning to the Metro.

    If one wants a perfect tan to sport for the summer, a grand sand castle to impress the cousins or a place for a good beach volleyball game, Matabungkay has friendly coasts open to the public. There are stalls that lend equipment to the visitors. An overnight stay with family or friends appropriately calls for a nice barbecue picnic. The management allows the use of grill granted that trash is disposed properly. And, if you want “me time”, you can borrow a raft and float in the sea, a Tom Sawyer-esque way to spend a day.

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