December 02, 2015

El Nido, Palawan: That Beach at the Last Frontier

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    Photo from El Nido Resorts

    You’ve gone to Puerto Princesa. You’ve gone to Coron. Now, complete the stretch by traveling to El Nido!

    Getting there. El Nido is 6 hours away from Puerto Princesa. If you are on a budget, planning the trip with a bunch of your favorite friends can help you cut costs. Hiring vans and boats might be a challenge if you’re going on your own.

    Accommodation. Reaching El Nido can already be a bit pricey, so don’t go for the fancy hotels and resorts. Just choose a resort with the nicest beach front in Nacpan or Maremegmeg and voila! You’re all set!

    Island hopping. This tourist destination offers not one, not two but four island hopping packages. With almost 10-13 islands in each tour, one cannot help but feel overwhelmed. Research about these islands first and once you know the ones that interest you the most, make a list and take it with you to El Nido. (Tip: We particularly enjoyed the Small and Big Lagoons. It’s the most beautiful sight we have ever seen!)

    Night life. The night life in El Nido can be enjoyed with the least amount of money. Food and drinks are the least to worry about in El Nido because they are relatively cheap.

    Length of stay. For first timers, make sure that you get at least one week to enjoy El Nido. There are just too many things to do in this paradise. Don’t go to El Nido for just a three-day vacation because this will only be your travel time to and fro Puerto Princesa, leaving you with just one day in the island.

    It feels like summer never ends with the endless list of beaches we have in the Philippines! And, definitely, Palawan is one of our top destinations. And truly, don’t let the summer of 2015 without you hitting one of the best beaches there is!


    Article by Beth Javines  

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