February 27, 2015

Villa Javierto Bed and Breakfast at Lucena City

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  • If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful getaway outside the hustle and bustle of the metro, visit Villa Javierto Bed and Breakfast along Gulang-Gulang Road, Lucena City in Quezon Province. It’s a three-hour drive from Manila, but once you’re there, the rustic charm of the place will be worth it.


    Villa Javierto is a quaint antique gallery and landscape shop that has been around since 1995. Eventually, the owners converted it into an inn. The entire compound is beautifully landscaped, with peaceful paths and gardens all throughout. Upon walking into the reception area, you will see a number of interesting knick-knacks and antiques for sale, ranging from small trinkets to massive furniture pieces.


    But the main attractions in the villa are the bed-and-breakfast houses themselves. These were lovingly reconstructed from scratch using materials from old houses, some even dating back to the Spanish era. The houses are made with wood and old paving stones and decorated with multi-colored glass, capiz windows, and intricate wood carvings, giving them an aged country look. The interiors of the houses are gorgeous as well. Most of the furniture inside is also antique, such as the dressers, the lounge chairs, and the colorful ornaments. Should you ever strike a fancy on a nice lamp or vase inside your room, do not fret – all the items inside are also for sale.


    Accommodations in Villa Javierto are quite affordable, and they have houses for both couples and big groups alike. That’s right – they don’t rent rooms, they rent houses. You can have an entire picturesque house to yourself, or you can also roam around the flower-filled gardens, discovering quiet nooks and pretty curiosities while being close to nature. In Villa Javierto, you can simply unwind.

    Photos and article by Jess Jacutan

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    hi there, im interested to have an overnight stay with your villa. is your phone updated?

    3 years ago

    Hi there! Thank you for your comment. Please try this number: (+63) 917-5600281

    Philippine Primer
    5 years ago

    Can you provide contact details for this place? We would love to visit Christmas time! It sounds absolutely fascinating.

    5 years ago
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