April 16, 2024

Healthway Cancer Care Hospital in Taguig: The First Comprehensive Cancer Specialty Hospital in the Philippines

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    A loved one’s health diagnosis doesn’t have to bring us fear. While it may unsettle us for a while, let us use this time as an opportunity to look for safe and supportive spaces for them to cherish life’s greatest moments with friends and family.

    This includes finding a trusted health facility that prioritizes comfort and provides early interventions through specialized medical services as well as comprehensive care for our loved ones.

    From L-R: Head of HCCH’s Medical Advisory Board Dr. Conrado Gabriel Lorenzo III, Head of HCCH’s Department of Radiation Oncology Dr. Gaudencio Vega, HCCH Medical Director and Head of HCCH’s Colorectal Center of Excellence Dr. Manuel Francisco Roxas and Head of HCCH’s Head & Neck Center of Excellence Dr. Daniel Alonzo / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Hospital

    If you’re looking for a medical center that provides quality and affordable healthcare services for cancer patients, you may want to know more about Healthway Cancer Care Hospital (HCCH) in Arca South, Taguig City, the first end-to-end cancer specialty hospital in the Philippines. 

    Healthway Cancer Care Hospital (HCCH), the first comprehensive and dedicated cancer hospital in the Philippines

    A Peek into Healthway

    HCCH provides a comprehensive range of services, including consultations, imaging, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. The hospital addresses a wide spectrum of cancer cases, from colorectal and breast to lung, and head and neck cancers, catering to patients of all ages.

    Their superior recovery facilities include 100 beds and a 12-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), prioritizing patient comfort and well-being.

    Superior Room / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Hospital

    The hospital also features an integrated outpatient department with a specialized women’s health unit, ensuring comprehensive care. Its advanced cancer imaging center offers leading interventional oncology, radiology, and nuclear medicine procedures, aiding in early cancer detection.

    MRI machine in the Interventional Oncology (IO) and Radiology Department / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Care Center

    The cancer treatment units boast a fully-equipped radiation oncology section with Varian’s latest Linear Accelerator and 18 chemotherapy infusion hubs for administering chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

    Linear Accelerator in the Radiation Oncology Department / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Care Hospital

    Additionally, the hospital houses four (4) specialized operating theaters, two (2) advanced endoscopy rooms, and other ancillary services to support patient needs.

    Operating Room Complex / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Hospital

    Cancer Care Services

    The hospital offers a wide variety of services that span the entire care continuum, from screening, diagnosis, multimodality treatment, to supportive care for survivorship through the following Centers of Excellence:

    • Center of Excellence for Breast Cancer
    • Center of Excellence for Colorectal Cancer
    • Center for Excellence for Lung Cancer
    • Center of Excellence for Head and Neck Cancer

    For example, the Center of Excellence for Breast Cancer provides Mammography and Breast Ultrasound for screening. Multimodality Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are also available.

    Gamma Camera / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Hospital

    In addition, the center also provides supportive care in the form of rehabilitation, nutrition, and support groups, among others, to ensure the holistic care of their patients’ well-being.

    Roof Deck Garden / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Hospital

    With their Centers of Excellence, HCCH adopts a collaborative approach to cancer care. Their multidisciplinary team (MDT) unites specialists from various disciplines, oncology (surgical, medical, radiation), pathology, radiology, and quality of life care. These core groups work together seamlessly to develop the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

    Multi-Specialty Clinic / IMAGE from Healthway Cancer Care Hospital

    With its steadfast commitment to offering specialized cancer solutions as well as accessible and cost-effective services, HCCH might just be the safe and supportive space you are looking for. 

    General Information

  • South Union Drive, Arca South, Taguig City
  • 02-7777-4673
  • cancercare@healthway.com.ph
  • www.healthwaymedicalnetwork.com.ph
  • healthwaycancercare
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