September 20, 2019

BatCon 2019 Is the Biggest Gathering of Batman Fans in the PH

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  • Calling all DC fans and Batman enthusiasts—the biggest gathering for The Dark Knight is almost here!

    2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the world’s greatest detective. To celebrate this monumental feat, the biggest and the first and only character-centric convention in the Philippines BatCon is happening on October 19, 2019 at the Movie Stars Cafe in Quezon City.

    BATCON 2019 | Event Teaser (version 2)

    ** BATCON WILL BE ON OCT 19 AT MOVIE STARS CAFE ** Calling out all you KaBATids and fellow Bat-folks out there — and we mean you, THE GREATEST BATMAN FANS to mark your calendars!On OCTOBER 19 at the Movie Stars Cafe in Quezon City, Metro Manila, not only will we celebrate 80 years of the Dark Knight detective, but it will be a grand day dedicated to all fans and enthusiasts. That means all you artists, collectors, cosplayers, film buffs and comic book historians are invited in the revelries! So come one, come all to the biggest gathering of Bat-Fandom in the Philippines!BATCON 201919 October Movie Stars CafeG/F Centris StationEDSA corner Quezon AvenueQuezon City, Metro Manila[ Julie Madison ]Experience this year’s biggest gathering of Bat-Fandom in the Philippines. Follow our events page BatCon 2019 and join our group The Dark Knight PH for more details! See you all at the batcave!#Batman #Batman80 #Batman80th #LongLiveTheBat #TDKPH #TheDarkKnightPh #TheDarkKnightPhilippines #Batcon #Batcon2019 #wearebatcon #TheGreatestBatmanFans #FilipinosTheGreatestBatmanFans #PinoysTheGreatestBatmanFans

    BatConさんの投稿 2019年7月6日土曜日

    Organized by fans for fans, this special 1-day event aims to celebrate unity, camaraderie, and inclusivity among the Batman fandom.

    Whether you’re a casual comic book reader or an occasional moviegoer—as long you’ve enjoyed the books, movies, TV series, toys, or everything about the Caped Crusader, you’re invited!

    Actor Kevin Porter dubbed as the Indie Batman will attend the event as well as local talents like Mico Suayan, Toto Madayag, Carlo Pagulayan, and a few others.

    BATCON 2019 | Kevin Porter Reveal (version 01)

    ** KEVIN PORTER IS COMING TO BATCON ** It is with great honor that this year's BATCON will be graced by acclaimed international actor, KEVIN PORTER. Labeled by several respective publications as the “Indie Batman,” his work with BAT IN THE SUN PRODUCTIONS have garnered much adoration and popularity. At the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con, promoted was their upcoming film “Batman Vs. Killmonger.” Catch KEVIN PORTER on October 19 at Movie Stars Cafe for the biggest gathering of Bat-Fandom in the Philippines![ James Gordon ]#Batman #Batman80 #Batman80th #LongLiveTheBat #TDKPH #TheDarkKnightPh #TheDarkKnightPhilippines #Batcon #Batcon2019 #wearebatcon #TheGreatestBatmanFans #FilipinosTheGreatestBatmanFans #PinoysTheGreatestBatmanFans #kevinporter

    BatConさんの投稿 2019年8月5日月曜日

    Fans will also see the BatCon TEQ63 Exclusive by toy artist Quiccs Maiquez!


    ** QUICCS EXCLUSIVE BATCON EDITION ** Available only at this year's biggest gathering of Bat-Fandom, award-winning toy designer, Quiccs presents the exclusive TEQ63 Batcon Edition! Stocks will be limited, so follow BatCon 2019 for more details on how you can be able to bring home this masterpiece of caped crusading proportions! [ Harvey Bullock ]Experience this year’s biggest gatheringof Bat-Fandom on October 19 at Movie Stars Cafe, Quezon city, Metro manila, Philippines #Batman #Batman80 #Batman80th #LongLiveTheBat #TDKPH #TheDarkKnightPh #TheDarkKnightPhilippines #Batcon #Batcon2019 #wearebatcon #TheGreatestBatmanFans #FilipinosTheGreatestBatmanFans #PinoysTheGreatestBatmanFans #Quiccs #TEQ63

    BatConさんの投稿 2019年8月25日日曜日

    Various exciting activities await the attendees including How to Fight Like Batman by Pekiti Tirsia Kali Pilipinas, Toy Photography by J Tengco, a cosplay showcase, and many more.

    While BatCon emphasizes on Batman’s 80th anniversary celebration, fan art, collectibles, and other merchandise from the different superhero universe will be available from various exhibitors.

    Tickets go on sale on September 25. Here are the packages:

    • Arkham Confinement (Php 500)
      Entrance + Lunch Meal
    • Wayne Foundation Ball (Php 1000)
      Entrance + Lunch Meal + Autograph or Photo Op with Kevin Porter
    • Batcave Access (Php 3500)
      Entrance + Lunch Meal + Autograph or Photo Op with Kevin Porter + TEQ63 Batcon Exclusive + More Freebies

    You can also buy tickets online at Ticket2Me.

    BatCon is organized by The Dark Knight Philippines, the go-to group when it comes to news and information about the Caped Crusader.

    It is a shared community of enthusiasts that actively participate in building knowledge through original articles, news, reviews, discussions, events, and art.


    What: BatCon 2019
    Where: Movie Stars Cafe, Centris, Quezon City
    When: October 19, 2019
    Ticket information: On sale starting September 25

    • Arkham Confinement (Php 500)
    • Wayne Foundation Ball (Php 1000)
    • Batcave Access (Php 3500)


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