May 20, 2014

Dashing Diva

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    From New York, the home of nail
    Fro, New York City, the home of Nail art, dashing diva salon came to Manila which become popular from 2006 up until now. Dashing diva is a Nail Salon famous and located in many places worldwide. if you’re searching for a place to relax in a frantic city, Dashing diva is the perfect place to go.


    This chic beauty bar has a combination of pink and white walls and a very lovely set of sofa and curtains. Just by being there, one would feel very excited. This time, I have experienced their pedicure and manicure set called the “spoiled diva combo”. Its price is 875 pesos. Aside from cleaning the nails normally, they also remove your hands’ old skin and they will also give you an ultimate treatment for your surface skin’s tissue to make it new and young.


    On the other hand, their pedicure service starts in a foot spa to heal fatigue, followed y the serum treatment to soften sugar Glow exfoliation that exfoliate the old skin, and last is the wound healing .after all the treatment and after making your hands and feet glossy and smooth, a very comfortable massage will follow.


    There is also a drying station for your hands and feet after they polish your nails. Other recommended service is the “Virtual Nails for hands” (P800). As what its name says, it’s for nails. There is also the Tsuketsume. It is a service made to examine the chip size that suits your nails carefully. Truly, dashing Diva makes all women a princess. Viva Dashing diva!


    Store Information
    Dashing Diva
    Beauty Bar in, G / F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

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