April 13, 2018

The Dessert Museum in S Maison: A Sweet Adventure

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  • The Dessert Museum in S Maison: A Sweet Adventure
  • Enter a world of scrumptious and mouth-watering desserts you’ve never seen before! The Dessert Museum is the newest destination for everyone who dreams to explore a candy wonderland that is one of the most instagrammable museums you can find in the Philippines.

    With a 12,000-sq. ft. space filled with 8 eye-catching rooms of sugar-filled happiness, The Dessert Museum is a must visit! Located at The S Maison in Pasay City, this museum is also an oasis for all things sweet and vibrant. Inspired by spots such as The Ice Cream Museum in New York and 29 Rooms in LA, California, The Dessert Museum aims to spread joy and nothing but a sweet embrace to everyone.

    Guests can register and avail their tickets online (Php 699) or through walk-ins (Php 799). The tour lasts for about two hours and surprise desserts are also waiting for you in select zones. A blue bracelet is given before entering which allows guests to claim their desserts in each zone. You’ll be greeted by their friendly adventurer wearing a pink uniform that tours you around the place. At the waiting area, you can find portraits of important people who influenced the world of desserts.

    For the first stop, you’ll need to slide your way inside a big pink donut to reach a donut-themed room. The walls are adorned with various kinds of donuts as well as some interesting facts about this holed treat. For every zone, you can stay for around 10 to 15 minutes to take pictures and appreciate the artworks.

    Th next zone is a marshmallow paradise. This is also the first room where you can enjoy your first treat. Found at the end are chocolate fountains where you can have a big marshmallow dipped — you can choose from chocolate or strawberry.

    You can enter the third door through two different doors, you’ll just have to pick if you’re naughty or nice. The naughty door leads you to a pink candy canes hideaway while the nice one leads you to blue candy canes. The third zone offers unique spots for your photos, such as a swing, a corner filled with colorful balls, a spot with red lips, and a swing set for two. In this zone you can also have a french macaron; either blueberry or strawberry flavored ones.

    You’ve reached the half of the tour as the fourth zone leads you an ice cream bliss, where balloons are a representation of ice cream. Each guest has a choice of strawberry or avocado popsicle. The next room is filled with balloons and anything round, fun facts of gum or bubblegum can be found painted on the walls. At the fifth room, you can fit yourself inside a giant bubble and play inside an inflatable balloon kingdom.

    Sixth room is all things gummy bears, giant blue bears, clear bears hanging from the ceiling and a bathtub filled with mini gummy bears. You’ll also munch on some gummy bears while wandering around the place. Once you’re done, the second to the last room is a cotton candy land wonderland filled with huge and pink cotton candies, fluffy yet a picture-perfect setting.

    Last but not the least, is their cake room. The last room will satisfy your hunger for anything sweet, especially when they have great tasting cake pops.

    Before you end your trip, the last room takes you to a souvenir shop where you can  purchase all things desserts, from edible and creative cakes to stationeries shaped like desserts. Each guest will also receive a balloon that has a chocolate inside of it for souvenir.

    Visit The Dessert Museum and have a fun and sweet adventure!


    Address: Coral Way, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
    Website: https://www.thedessertmuseum.com/
    Email: hello@thedessertmuseum.com
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDessertMuseum

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